B.A.P Live On Earth World Tour – Microsoft Theater – 4.17.16

Image credit: TS Entertainment

“May I have your attention please… The king is back!”

After the band’s year long hiatus and two years since they first stepped onto American soil, hardcore fans — also known as BABYz — welcomed the Korean hip-hop group B.A.P, or Best Absolute Perfect, with open arms. The suspense and elation of fans remained apparent through the buzz of commotion as they impatiently waited for the concert to begin. Dawning clothes and merch representing their bias, fans intermingled sharing their passion for the group.

The first note of “Warrior” reverberated throughout the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, announcing the beginning of the B.A.P Awake World Tour. The jam-packed venue filled with screams of excitement as hardcore fans cheered for the band to come on stage. The stage lights burned red as “Warrior” played, and the audience glowed a bright neon green as fans waved their lightsticks back and forth in unison to the beat of the songs.

B.A.P continued strong with the rock version of “What the Hell” and a mashup of “No Mercy” and Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Their sharp, smooth, and rehearsed choreography added to the entertainment of the concert.

The lights dimmed as Himchan walked on stage in a black suit, white shirt, and tie. Himchan fans screamed as he began to sensually dance and sing the song “S.N.S.” His combination of singing and dancing proved immaculate as he entertained the audience. The main rapper of the group, Yongguk, also joined Himchan during his special stage — blowing everyone away with his steely stare and fast rapping.

The concert took a twist from there when instead of their hardcore hip-hop songs, the band performed their more upbeat songs such as “Be Happy” and “Feel So Good” from their newest albums. All the members smiled wide as fans chanted and sang along with them. “Be happy!” the audience and band screamed together, and happy everyone was. “You don’t have to worry anymore. We are very happy now and we hope you are happy too,” Youngjae said, evoking an “awww” and giggles from the audience. Daehyun also moved the fans by chiming in with, “We are happy because we can be here with you.”

Both Youngjae and Jongup performed solo songs themselves. Youngjae covered Trey Songz’s “Slow Motion,” a feat for someone who cannot speak English fluently. While Jongup sang and danced to the song “Now.” Both caused a stir among their fans, quickening their hearts.

Young, Wild, & Free” remained the hypest song of the night. No one sat; the audience jumped up and down in unison, waved their lightsticks, and blew their official whistles — creating so much noise that venue attendants faces showed fear for their lives. Some fans attempted to sneak closer to the stage, ultimately getting stopped by security. The audience and members yelled the chorus together, connecting in a way that can’t be done simply by listening to the song at home.

After three encore songs, the concert eventually had to wrap up. As I left, I noticed a girl holding a Zelo fan while attempting to wipe away happy tears. The rare moments when international Kpop fans can see their favorite bands live remain special to our hearts forever.

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