5 Reasons To See Dermot Kennedy Live

Photo Credit: Adele Sakey

Dermot Kennedy is an Irish singer/songwriter who is pushing boundaries through his songs that, both lyrically and sonically, blend his influences and attraction to the hip hop and acoustic genres. Kennedy found a seamless blend that suits his voice perfectly and the rest of the world is starting to catch on to his talent. This Thursday, Kennedy is bringing his North American tour to New York City and we couldn’t be more excited to see him perform. It’s hard to narrow down all of the reasons that you should see Dermot live, but we gave it a shot. Here are our top five reasons that you absolutely must see Dermot Kennedy live.

1. He’s extremely motivated and passionate

He got his start as a busker in Dublin and then began recording songs that he then put out on Spotify, one at a time. He cites his big break as his first show (which he organized himself) in London, when he had loads of fans coming up to him after the show.

2. He’s humble AF

Starting from the beginning, Dermot has been a self-made man. But now that he’s famous, things have been changing. But not to fear, Kennedy still remains humble and down to Earth as he said in an interview with Ones To Watch “I think ultimate goal is to make music that is respected by everyone, to be “successful,” but not lose the respect of the super talented musicians I went to college with.”

3. He’s got a unique sound


Dermot’s sound stems from his background in classical music and attraction to the instruments in acoustic music, like guitars and pianos. However, his interest in music began at a young age in the world of hip-hop, where it still remains today. Kennedy creates music that manages to seamlessly blend the rainy day sounds of acoustic guitar with the urban style of hip-hop beats. He often cites rappers 50 Cent and Drake as some of his musical influences.

4. He’s Irish…. Swoon! 

Dermot was born in Dublin, Ireland. That’s all we have to say. He’s got talent and the most contagious smile. You have to go see him live so you can experience the world’s most beautiful smile in person. I promise you won’t regret it!

5. He’s selling out shows nationwide

Dermot has captured the attention of music listeners across the globe. He’s even opened for Lana Del Rey! He’s made it out of Ireland and is selling out shows all across the United States. You really should snag your tickets now for when he comes through your city, so you can say that you knew him way back when!

Check out this video interview to learn more about Dermot Kennedy:

And see when Dermot’s coming through your town here and buy your tickets right now! Seriously, do it!