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GOT7 Lifts Off With “Turbulence.”

After releasingย their first Flight Log mini album, “Departure,” in March, completing a North America and Asia tour, and winning several awards for the album, the Korean boy band GOT7 returns with the sequel, “Turbulence.”

The “Departure” album, with leading track “Fly,” contains a more harmonious feel, filled with excitement and an overall happy feeling.

“Turbulence,” however, stays true to the name. It’s heavier than the first album, containing songs with more bass drops, break downs, and overall business. Although “Prove It” and “Boom x3” are slower than the music video track, “Hard Carry,” or “Skyway,” overall the album remains powerful from start to finish.

Through the album GOT7 stays true to their good-natured selves. Even with the low voiced rappers, dark colors of the music video, and rebellious attitudes in several songs, their happiness as a band shines through. GOT7 is soft, even when they try not to be — which is not necessarily a bad thing.


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