On Volume 18 of Acentric Magazine’s Staff Picks of the Week, we give you hip-hop classics, a little R&B and a powerful song in dedication of those who lost their lives during the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. Acentric Magazine’s weekly Staff Picks Playlist features the most enjoyed songs played throughout the week, chosen by yours truly. With this eccentric playlist, we hope to introduce you to sounds you’ve never heard before and create nostalgia for the tunes you do know.

This week, we feature music from new music from Nick Jonas, a classic from Outkast, and an uplifting song from Danny Gokey.

“Bacon” by Nick Jonas
I love bacon. As much as I wish this song was about the crunchy goodness that is fried pork strips, it’s not. Sorry, spoiler alert. Despite the odd song title and though I still don’t know what bacon has anything to do with the overall theme, this song is a great summer dance tune. Nick definitely gives Beyoncé a run for her money with the phrase “I woke up like this.” Granted, hers is empowering and his is, well, damn sexy. (Angelica Nicolle Abalos, Editor in Chief)

“Somewhere That You Don’t Go” by Adam Sanders
Your typical break up song about not going to the old places he used to after a break up, with a pop country twang. Nothing groundbreaking about this song, but it has a nice running beat. Pairs nicely with some Sam Hunt or Old Dominion. (Shaunna Huynh, Graphic Designer)

“Tokyo Narita” by Halsey & Lido
A few weeks ago, Halsey and Lido, the producer of her album Badlands, released this song and it’s so different compared to the other music they’ve created together. It’s got a great mix of R&B and Pop vibes, giving it an interesting sound. It’s a great song to listen to while you drive around! (Gina Scarpino, Photographer)

“40oz. On Repeat” by FIDLAR
I have yet to find a FIDLAR song that I dislike. That being said, the opening track off of Too, the band’s most recent release, is one of my current favorites. In this song, vocalist Zach Carper begins the first verse lamenting social anxiety and romantic troubles. As the song progresses, he ultimately decides to nurse his problems by locking himself in his room. (Zoe Dillman, Photographer)

“Airplanes” by Local Natives
This song just draws you in deeper and deeper with each verse. It sounds dreamy but insistent. It totally commands my attention whenever I hear it. The words cause one to reflect and become contemplative on past relationships or really any time that there’s been an inward desperate plea for more from another person. I’d definitely recommend checking it out! (Erin Wilson, Social Media Coordinator)

“Smooth Sailin” by Leon Bridges
Summer is almost here! Which means the pool is little fuller, the schedules are a little lighter and the music is a little louder. Smooth Sailin’ by Leon Bridges is a great way to kick off a relaxing summer party! To me, it embodies good vibes, a little rhythm & blues and is full of soul. Give it a listen! (Ryan Wickham, Graphic Designer)

“Wave(s)” by Lewis Del Mar
I saw Lewis Del Mar open for BØRNS this past week and this one song in particular has been stuck in my head since. It is off of their EP titled, “EP,” very fitting. From the intro I was hooked, some nice chill vibes coming from these guys. I think this song would be especially great on a playlist made for those times when you’re just hanging with friends. (Kathryn Farley, Social Media Manager)

“Roots” by Imagine Dragons
When I listen to music, I cannot tune out and let it go in the background. The lyrics always stand out to me and this song is very strong lyrically. The strong tune and the odd bumping beat create an awesome sounding song with an awesome story that brings you along through it. One of my favorite songs to blast in my car and sing along to. (Carly Evans, Copy Editor)

“2 Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac)” by Outkast
How about a southern Hip-Hop classic? The opening track from Outkast’s game-changing ATLiens – 20 years old this August – finds Big Boi and Andre 3000 attacking a fairly simple beat with intricate rhymes – the former delivering them in his signature speedy stutter and the latter like a casual conversation. The foundation was now laid for the flawless trio of albums yet to be unleashed from the ‘Kast. (Ryan Panny, Staff Writer)

“Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” by Danny Gokey
I dedicate this staff pick to those who lost their lives in the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida this weekend. Specifically to the families who lost someone they love in this tragedy. It talks about not being able to recover from the world breaking beneath you, but remember to breathe and push on through the heartbreak. Lots of love. #LoveWins (Camille Wilcher,  Social Media Coordinator)