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We are proud to introduce Acentric Magazine’s first ever “Staff Picks of the Week”! This acentric playlist features the most enjoyed songs played throughout the week, chosen by yours truly. We hope to introduce you to sounds you’ve never heard before and create nostalgia for the tunes you do know.

Volume one includes a vintage-like Missy Elliott, a duo of songs by rising star Troye Sivan, an all feels tune just in time for Valentine’s day and a classic by the soulful legend Otis Redding. And yes, we did not include a Kanye song in this playlist.

“Pep Rally” by Missy Elliott
The Queen of Hip Hop herself, gifted the world another much anticipated new track during the Super Bowl last weekend. Have you ever heard a bad Missy Elliott song? No, you haven’t, because they don’t exist. The energy from this song matches its title, and in true Missy fashion, it made me want to shake my jelly. (Deanna Soukiasian, Writer/Interviewer)

“Let it Go” by James Bay  ­
I’m sure everyone has heard it, but I’m crazy about this song this week. It’s easy listening, while also having real lyrical meaning. It’s a very relatable song, and I think if music doesn’t make you reflect on some aspect of your reality then it isn’t doing its job. (Dayna Drum, Managing Editor)

“DVP” by PUP
This song has been out for a couple of weeks now but it’s so good! DVP is a great introduction to PUP’s second studio album scheduled to release this year. Fast and catchy, it makes it super hard to stay still at your office desk while listening. Plus, the music video was just released and fans of old school video games – all of us right? – will love it. (Krystina Brown, Photographer)

“Vienna” by Billy Joel ­
Throwing it back to the ‘70s here, but that’s one of the great things about music, it’s timeless. I kept coming back to this song this week, in part because I recently re-­watched the film “13 Going On 30″, but mainly because the lyrics are so full of meaning. This week was pretty fast paced and busy, and hearing this song made me take time to relax and put my life into perspective, it was a nice little reminder for me to slow down and appreciate every moment. (Kathryn Farley, Social Media Manager)

“Fools” by Troye Sivan
I’ve been stuck on Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood album for the longest time now. I can’t help but vibe to the chill instrumentals with that smooth-­like-butter voice. It’s just so catchy. Plus, the beat coming in before the hook and that chorus build up gets me every time. Try not to bob your head to this, I dare you. (Angelica Nicolle Abalos, Editor-­in-­Chief)

“One Of Them Will Destroy The Other (feat. Dan Lambton)” by Mayday Parade
One of my favorite songs to come out late last year, this song brought out a strong side of Mayday Parade that I still haven’t gotten over. Featuring the vocalist from pop-punk band Real Friends, this song is a great creation of two of my favorite bands in the scene right now. Looking forward to catching Mayday on their upcoming tour! (Whitney Newell, Senior Photographer)

“Cool” by Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan was my favorite Youtuber, and then he goes on to release an album! He has a beautiful voice and his songs all seem to tell a story. I chose this song  specifically  because  it  reminds  me  of  having  a  crush  and doing stupid things  to  get  their  attention,  and  to  be  “cool.”  I  feel  like  almost anyone  can connect  to  this  song,  and  it  just  happens  to  have  a  very chill  beat.  (Camille Wilcher, Social Media Coordinator)

“Same Faces” by Jordan Mackampa
Debuted to the entire world for the first time on Julie Adenuga’s Beats1 radio show last week, Same Faces delivers a refreshing sound of heartache that is gently carried with the strength and soul of Jordan Mackampa’s voice. I’m a sucker for emotional lyrics and Jordan definitely tugged at my heart strings with this one, right on time for Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for the “feels” this weekend, take some time and explore this beautiful track. (Martin Fredrick, PR/Marketing Manager)

“Floridada” by Animal Collective
Animal Collective have been a mainstay in the indie world for well over a decade. Their much ­anticipated album Painting With will be released on February 19th. Their first single off the record “Floridada” is as catchy as it is weird. What more could you want from an Animal Collective song? (Tyler Davis, Executive Editor)

“Aquasun” by Basement
Amidst of the whole ‘90’s alt-­rock revival, Basement are currently one of the main forefront runners of the new wave. The song opens with a heavy, whole-balanced riff and beat that leads into a melodious verse reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World. The chorus catches listeners into Andrew Fisher’s insightful lyrics, “Dive into me, I’ll meet you on the water there sometime”, while the band’s arena-esque sound sweep you off as if you were actually being swept away by a wave. Accompanied by a creative music video about a man and his goldfish, which was shot by Basement’s guitarist Alex Henry and stars the band’s second guitarist Ronan Crix, Aquasun took me back to a time when I started discovering alternative rock. It felt as though that this song has come full-­circle in my life; that I can enjoy a song in 2016 while still lingering on that late ‘90s/early 2000s feel. Their third full length album, “Promise Everything”, came out a few weeks ago on Run for Cover Records and it hasn’t left my turntable since. I recommend you pick up a copy because it’s one the best record to kick off 2016. (Christopher Pigao, Writer)

“Hey Hey Hallelujah (feat. Andy Grammer)” by Rachel Platten
This track is off of Rachel’s recent album, “Wildfire”, and it has debuted at number five on the US Billboard 200. Hey Hey Hallelujah is such a catchy tune and it’s featured with Andy Grammer. In my opinion, this is definitely one of her best upbeat songs on this entire album. If you haven’t already, go check out this song and see her on her upcoming tour across the US. (Samantha Toy, Photographer)

“(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding
Everyone needs a little classic music in their lives. Get back to the roots of great modern music with Otis Redding’s soulful, playful 1967 hit. There’s no feel ­good song like this one, which takes you right to a dock on the bay next to a happy whistling man with no cares in the world. Watch the ships come in, watch them roll away again. This song is mandatory to listen to if you live near the San Francisco bay. (Melanie Kim, Photo Editor)

“Sweater Weather (The Neighbourhood cover)” by Slaves
Off the “Punk Goes Pop Volume 6″, originally by The Neighbourhood, this song is already a hit. From beginning to end, it’s a great cover and Jonny Craig’s vocals are just amazing. I’ve been singing this song at the top of my lungs on repeat all week. In my opinion, they’ve managed to make a song that’s already catchy as hell, even better. Simply put, the song is just sexy. (Carolina Rivera, Photographer)

“The Little Death” by The Body & Full of Hell ­
Maryland’s Full of Hell recently teamed up with The Body to release a collaborative LP “One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache”. The final track from the upcoming project premiered on SPIN February 3rd. This song is five minutes of pure brutality, with a pinch of darkness. And ending with a dialogue sample from the movie “You Don’t Know Jack”, there’s just the right amount of creepy. The LP is set to release through Neurot Recordings on March 25th.. (Zoe Dillman, Photographer)

(Quick shout out to @RIKLOMAS and @WHYBRAY the geniuses behind DIY album cover generator, Acentric Magazine love you as much as Kanye loves Kanye)