There’s nothing like jamming to some upbeat songs, or vibing to some inspirational tunes like these in volume eleven of Acentric Magazine’s “Staff Picks of the Week”! This acentric playlist features the most enjoyed songs played throughout the week, chosen by yours truly. We hope to introduce you to sounds you’ve never heard before and create nostalgia for the tunes you do know.

The week we have music from the duo, Twenty One Pilots, Los Angeles band Symmetry, and no other than One Direction.

“End of Time” by Symmetry
This band has an awesome sound that I quickly fell in love with when I saw them in concert last Saturday. I didn’t bother to listen to before the concert, because I love a good surprise, but after hearing this song live it shook me. It’s real and shows the everyone has those times when they feel alone, but sometimes that one person comes around and you suddenly don’t feel so alone anymore. (Camille Wilcher, Social Media Coordinator)

“Pain” by Jimmy Eat World
Talk about nostalgia, this song brings back so many memories. A close friend of mine introduced me to them. This song and a few others by JEW used to be on repeat for weeks while I played Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas. Seriously this song will always be my favorite, for me it’s the build up followed by the guitar solo that always get me hyped up. (Carolina Rivera, Photographer)

“Sunday Morning” by  No Doubt
I LOVE how listening to No Doubt as a girl makes me feel empowered and unstoppable. The lyrics send out a strong message about not letting anyone tell you what to be. The song itself sounds happy and fast paced, perfect to jam to in a car ride! (Zeltzin Vazquez, Photographer)

“Stockholm Syndrome” by One Direction
Out of all the songs I could have chosen for this week, and out of all the songs I’ve kept on repeat at work, I’m choosing this song. I’ve only listened to this a handful of times, but during every listen I’ve jammed to it hardcore. I’m talking crazy air drumming, intense lip syncing, party in your headphones kind of jam session (keep in mind, I’m doing this all at work). Also, I may or may not be hyping myself up for a pretty cool weekend with our lovely managing editor as I listen to this song (hint: I am). Other than that, I guess you can say I’m “1D af” sometimes. No shame. (Angelica Nicolle Abalos, Editor-in-Chief)

“Miracle” by The Darcys

I discovered this song this weekend and I actually can’t stop listening to it. It gives off total summer vibes and makes you want to dance like there’s no tomorrow. I have the feeling this one will be a song of the summer! (Emma Watts, Photographer)

“Sleep On The Floor” by The Lumineers
This is the opening track on The Lumineers’ sophomore album, Cleopatra. Listening to it makes me want to get out there in the world and seize the day. If you are wanting to feel inspired to go after and fulfill your dreams, this is the perfect song for you. (Kathryn Farley, Social Media Manager)

“Goner” by Twenty One Pilots
The first time I heard this song was when Twenty One Pilots played it live for the first time in DC on their Blurryface tour last fall. It starts out slow tempo so I didn’t know what to expect, but hearing Tyler and the entire venue scream ‘Don’t let me be!!’ is something I’ll always remember from that show. It’s a really raw moment and hearing it live like that was special. (Krystina Gabrielle, Photographer)