Photo by Ashton Garner

Get ready for chill tunes, country vibes, and a flashback to just a few year’s ago in volume nine of Acentric Magazine’s “Staff Picks of the Week”! This acentric playlist features the most enjoyed songs played throughout the week, chosen by yours truly. We hope to introduce you to sounds you’ve never heard before and create nostalgia for the tunes you do know.

This week we have new music from Tegan and Sara, an inspirational song from hit musical “Hamilton”, and add a little funk to your life with St. Vincent.


“Snapback” by Old Dominion
I found this song on the country station (my guilty radio pleasure), but I’d argue that this song is a country song for people who don’t like country. Rather than singing about a country girl in Daisy Dukes, this song is about a skater girl with tattoos in a snapback. Not the demographic you expected, right? “Snapback” comes from Old Dominion’s 2015 debut album Meat and Candy, a country album of a similar style of catchy rhythm, fresh songs with clever, less-than-stereotypically-country lyrics, Trevor Rosen’s sweet guitar licks and Matthew Ramsey’s husky voice. Keep your eye on these guys. (Melanie Kim, Photo Editor)

“Boyfriend” by Tegan and Sara
Ahhh new music from T&S! Their last record Heartthrob launched the sister’s into the pop world and onto the billboard charts. “Boyfriend” sounds like a continuation of this direction, it’s catchy and the lyrics are already stuck in my head. Their new album Love You to Death is out June 3rd with the promise of future tour dates—looking forward to photographing this one! (Krystina Gabrielle, Photographer)

“My Shot” by Hamilton
Hamilton: An American Musical. Yes. I said musical. And if you’re “not into musicals” then that’s fine but this musical has basically changed the definition of show tunes for our generation and I think it is 1000% worth your time to at least check out. “My Shot” features Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton singin’ about his chance to actually make a difference [just before the Revolutionary War in case you don’t know anything about the musical] in this country and find a place he fits in even though he’s pretty young and inexperienced. Without trying to be too inspirational in this little blurb, I’ll just say that his words aren’t far from what this generation is struggling with – trying to find our place and make a difference in this world. (Shaunna Huynh, No Official Title But I’m Here so Hey [Actually a Designer])

“Always” by blink-182
I made a playlist a few days ago for Cherry Pit Mag’s series called Tunes on Tuesdays. My playlist for this week is simply called Ah yes, Middle School, and if you look at the tracklisting, you’ll understand the title. Since I made it, I haven’t been able to run away from the nostalgic tunes. It’s honestly really tough to choose just one song from the bunch, but if you were to twist my arm and demand one choice for this week’s staff picks, it’d be this song. You can’t go wrong with blink-182… unless you’re Tom, of course (too soon?).

At any rate, definitely check out the other Tunes on Tuesdays playlists if you’re looking for new music, as well as our previous staff picks! 10/10, always recommend them. (Angelica Nicolle Abalos, Editor-in-Chief)

“Your Type” by Carly Rae Jepsen
Look, I’m not saying Carly Rae is gonna save all of pop music and restore balance to the universe and conquer us all as a benevolent, sparkly, Canadian dictator if we just give her sugary white girl pop the streaming power it needs, but, like, I’m not not saying that. (Shannon Dodson, Writer or whatever)

“Diamond Eyes” by Deftones
As we welcome Deftones’ new album Gore with open fists, let’s backtrack six years to the title cut of their sixth record Diamond Eyes, one of the best Metal songs of the 21st century. Its brief, stomping verses waste no time guiding the listener to what can only be described as a perfect chorus. And cantankerous music reviewers have a strained relationship with “perfect”, to put it gently. An accessible introduction to one of the genre’s most unique and multifaceted bands. (Ryan Panny, Staff Writer)

“Digital Witness” by St. Vincent
Have a good listen to this song and it’ll basically have you rethinking your life. The message of this song is quite enticing, switching between the point of view of an observer, and of someone who is completely living their life through social media. The funky sound of this tune will definitely get you moving. (Emma Watts, Photographer)

“Bad Water” by Carroll
My pick this week is from Minneapolis-based psychedelic indie rock band Carroll. I discovered this song on my Spotify SXSW playlist and I found myself coming back to it throughout this past week. It’s definitely going to make it onto my summer driving playlist, and I’ll be keeping this band on my radar. (Kathryn Farley, Social Media Manager)

“Cannonball” by The Breeders
Originally billed as the “Boston Girl Super-Group, The Breeders have been one of my all time favorite bands since I was a kid. Started by the bitchin’ Kim Deal, and Tanya Donelly, they slayed wicked hard in the 90’s with this hit. This throwback is probably one of the greatest songs of all time, which I stand by 100%. It just rocks TOO hard. And I had a brief drunk chat with Kim & Kelley Deal during the “Last Splash” Anniversary Tour…where I said pretty much this… (Deanna Soukiasian, Writer/Interviewer)

“Headhunter” by Left Behind
West Virginia natives Left Behind released their debut album Seeing Hell yesterday through Unbeaten Records. The opening track, ‘Headhunter’ will definitely make you want to become hysterical with violence. The layering of callous vocals, fast guitar riffs, and incredible drum work makes this song slam.  (Zoe Dillman, Photographer)

We Can’t Move To This” by Ellie Goulding
When I know I’m going to see an artist live I listen to their music non -stop . This past week I went to see my queen Ellie Goulding live on her Delirium Tour. Yes, yes you can move to this. This song will make you want to get up and dance in your living room. I recommend you listen to  her current album Delirium you won’t be disappointed. (Janet Garcia, Social Media)

“Burning At Both Ends” by Sleep On It
I’ve been really into the local music scene in Chicago lately. There’s a lot of great music coming out of this scene and Sleep On It is no exception. They released “Burning At Both Ends” about a month ago as a platform to announce the band’s new member line-up. Sleep On It played their first show in 7 months this week and I had the privilege of attending the show and it was sick. These guys are going to be your next favorite band, I promise. (Gina Scarpino, Photographer)

“SMS (Bangerz)” by Miley Cyrus feat. Britney Spears
I picked up the Bangerz album a few years too late. I decided to pop it into my car stereo on my way to the Atlanta Film Festival the other day. I can usually get in a full album listen since my drive to the city is about an hour. Third song in, SMS (Bangerz) plays. I typically don’t care for songs with the kind of sound that this has, but wow. I found myself pressing the back button so I could listen again, and again, and again. SMS (Bangerz) is such a catchy and upbeat song that I found myself drumming and dancing along to it almost the whole drive to Atlanta. The song is its title: a banger. (Ashton Garner, Photographer)

“Lions” by Coasts
This week I have been playing Coasts on repeat in preparation for their concert this upcoming weekend. Their music gives off chill vibes that is great for a road trip or a day at home. The band’s name just describes their music well. It feels like you’re at the beach on the coasts! (Camille Wilcher, Social Media Coordinator)

“I Wonder” by Gowe ft. Erin Kim
Discovered this song a few years back when I was surfing through this artist’s Youtube page. I’ve always been a fan of this rapper, whose personal history has reflected my own – a Seattle based Korean adoptee  speaking to another Korean adoptee in SoCal. This song got me through the rough times when having an identity was all that I searched for. As a result, this is one of the rapper’s most personal song and it speaks for the thousands of us adoptees out there around the world. The contrast of raps and vocals allows the listener to feel every ounce of hope and history throughout the song. (Caleb Yee, Photographer)

“Gift of Paralysis” by Envy on the Coast

Taking it back a few years. I loved this band, they got me thru my emo phase. Listening to these songs brings back so many memories. Especially because at the time when Lucy gray came out I was just beginning my photography career. I remember during the MySpace days I was recruited to cover a small festival in their hometown (Long Island) which they were headlining, I was so excited to shoot them. This is one of their best songs, it’s so damn catchy too. Any real envy fan knows these lyrics by heart “throwing punches at ocean waves” (Carolina Rivera, Photographer)

Kiss It Better” by Rihanna

This track is one of my favorites off of Rih’s latest work, ANTI. It’s just a very sexy song! It’s as simple as that for me. The melody is smooth and sultry, as she croons out, “What are you willing to do? / Tell me what you’re willing to do,” her vocals accentuated by an indulgent guitar solo that gives the track a funky edge. The best way I can describe it is as a decadent slow jam – the robust taste of sweet bitterness, like melted dark chocolate. (Nina Calabretta, Writer/Copy Editor)