ALBUM REVIEW: Alt-R&B Artists Adrian Daniel Thrives on ‘FLAWD’

If you love The Weekend and have what alt-R&B would sound like, you’re going to love Adrian Daniel. The Brooklyn native is making his mark across R&B and everything urban music with his latest album FLAWD set to drop March 2 via 990 Records / Empire.

Combining the elements that make an R&B track, with a little bit of rock, a splash of funk, and rich synth-filled lines, every track on FLAWD is something new and inviting to your ears. Growing up with roots running deep in Brooklyn, the diverse sounds of the bustling New York city are brought together and given a breath of new life from Daniel.

Each track is layers upon layers of electronic drum tracks, deep synths, lyrics layered and layered on top of one another, and your “ohs” and “woahs” to keep the tracks pushing forward. Each track transitions into one another seamlessly, flowing one into another keeping falsettos and rhythmic beats constantly alive.

Over the span of fourteen tracks, you’re taken through what feels like a never-ending party romance. Opening with “Start Movie,” a 22-second track that is just a movie reel starting, you’re instantly transmitted into Daniel’s world. Flowing into “Deadly Attraction” the pushing and pulling of bass line and soaring electric guitar solos, you can feel the attraction between two lovers like you’re there watching it happen in real time. Ending with “Dreaming,” it’s the perfect ending like credits tacked onto a movie. The softer track shows the range of Daniel’s voice and the layering he can with it just himself.

Since dropping his first project in 2012, Daniel has been making waves from his alternative R&B sound that even the current biggest R&B artists can’t compete against. Making R&B exciting again and pushing the genre into new territory, everyone has something to learn from Adrian Daniel.

Armed with his reputation for groundbreaking music and an upcoming album, check out the FLAWD tour dates.

Feb 22 – London, UK
Feb 24 – Paris, FR
Mar 7 – World Cafe Live – Philadelphia, PA
Mar 8 – Songbyrd – Washington DC
Mar 10 – Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY
Mar 12 – Middle East – Boston , MA
Mar 13-18 – SXSW (official showcases TBA)

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