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Album Review: Pond – The Weather

Photo Credit: Matt Sav

Australian psych-rockers POND have just unearthed another gem.
As if this year wasn’t already drowning in good music, POND released the much anticipated album – The Weather on May 5th via Marathon Artists. It’s a psych-influenced, intergalactic, melodic, outer-space-based, synth-licking, serious piece of art. Although comparisons to their latest, Man It Feels Like Space Again are aplenty, The Weather pushes the band lyrically and forces the listener to dig up the themes pushed through. 

It’s a concept album that got on a plane, left Australia, and got to see first-hand what the world looks like in its current state – making note of our inevitable and accepting it, while still finding ways to dance, float, and love through it.  

The album’s opener “30,000 Megatons” sets out the darker theme for the rest of the album. 
“And if I was the man on the Moon, I wouldn’t let us near. I’d stand on a crater with my shotgun to the sky
And leave us to our mines and our Tinder ’til we die. And the Earth will sigh, and the Moon will wipe its brow. We need 30,000 megatons….Push the button now” 

And it’s irony that an album that sounds so pretty, can be so heavy. 

The next two singles, “Sweep Me Off My Feet” and “Paint Me Silver” pick up the pace of the album and release pop-colorful vibes.
When played live, the crowd immediately recognizes them and dances along. Everyone knowing all the lyrics and being in unison with the band.
Accurately titled, “Edge Of The World Pt1” and “Edge Of The World Pt2” bring the darker mood back with gospel chords and eerie keys.
“A/B” picks you up in a fast trance for the first minute, and then drops you back down to a relaxed state for the rest of the track.
“Zen Automation” makes you feel like you’re inside a room full of bubbles. Then the saxophone comes in and the bubbles are gone and the white clouds are in. 

And the whole album doesn’t let you sit down before it forces you to dance again, and that’s part of the beauty in it. They’ve experimented with sounds, and with the listeners engagement.
Their live show is just as exciting, with the band knowing what their audience wants, and delivering it thoroughly.

Nick Allbrook and co. have a lot to say on this album and they want to make sure you understand. It’s lyrically strong and very fitting to the times. It’s experimentally mature and ready to be taken out on a date night with no rules.
And they’re supporting it with a colorful tour where their live energy fits the sporadic mood of the album.

Order the masterpiece here

And catch them live while touring North America and Europe!

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