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Aly & AJ Release Music Video for “Take Me”

Aly & AJ are back in the game, and they’ve brought a music video with them. After a 10-year hiatus, Aly & AJ’s new track “Take Me” was met with critical acclaim from outlets such as Billboard, BuzzFeed, Refinery29, and Playboy, among others.

The music video for “Take Me,” directed by Alex Ross Perry with Sean Price Williams as cinematographer, is bewitching, with beautiful and mysterious visuals. With the streets of LA as a backdrop, the video also features actresses Amanda Crew and Madeline Zima, alongside actor Josh Pence.

Director Alex Ross Perry shares the story behind the visuals for “Take Me,” noting:
When Aly&AJ reached out to me, blind, on Instagram, I assumed there had been some mistake. Nobody I had ever met before could possibly want to work with Sean Price Williams and myself badly enough that they would fly us to Los Angeles and agree with our insane idea to shoot a music video on standard 16mm film. Turns out, this was just a sign of their collaborative nature and the beginning of a process that creatively volleyed back and forth, much like my back and forth flights across the country.
“The opportunity to shoot in Los Angeles for the first time, in a wonderful location that I could never dream of having access to (and just up the road from the house where Sharon Tate was murdered) was one I couldn’t imagine passing up. Shooting a vampire themed video is difficult for somebody like myself who ceases to function after eleven p.m. but the enthusiasm and positivity of Aly & AJ motivated the entire crew and resulted in a video full of images I am incredibly proud of.”
And this is just the start for the new Aly & AJ.
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Featured photo by Stephen Ringer.

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