BOHNES To Hold Secret Listening Parties Ahead of Debut Album ‘206: Act I’

Earlier this month, BOHNES officially announced the upcoming release of his debut album, 206 – Act One, out March 30th, along with pre-orders for the album. Now, with the purchase of any pre-order, fans are entered to win an invitation to an exclusive album listening party. These parties will be held at secret locations in Los Angeles (3/11) and New York City (3/24), and fans will be able to get free flash tattoos (while supplies last), a meet and greet with Alexander DeLeon himself, and the chance to be one of the first people to hear both Acts I and II of 206. Select pre-order bundles come with a guaranteed spot at a listening party, but are limited per city, while supplies last. Pre-orders are still available here.

On the new album, BOHNES writes:


Who are you? Underneath it all. Underneath the madness of everyday life. Underneath the clothes and masks that you wear. Under the skin that gently rests over you. Who are you at your core? What makes you tick? What makes you love? What makes you push forward?

These are questions that I asked myself before making this album. I didn’t know what I was looking for…but I knew I needed to find it. I traveled to 75 countries. I met people. I heard their stories. I felt empathy. I gained knowledge. I gained perspective. The wildest part of all was that along this journey a crazy thing happened…I found my bones.

I discovered who I was. I found what I was underneath. Under all the scars, under the light, under the darkness, under it all. For the first time, I saw my bones.

There are 206 of them in me. Together they make who I am, who I have been and most importantly, who I was meant to be.

This is what wrote this album. I wrote this album about my bones in hopes that it would encourage people to find their own. I wrote this album about the journey to discovery. I wrote this album for me.  I wrote this album for you. This album isn’t just a collection of studio sessions…This album is a collection of days lived, hands held, broken hearts, and memories made.

Life is a story.  It is a movie. It is a brilliant theatrical piece.  It is both a comedy and a tragedy. It is victory and defeat. It is glory and suffering. We are all actors in a Shakespearean play, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I realized that indeed, I was lost…But I realized that being lost was what made me feel found.

Welcome to my personal catacomb. Welcome to my bones. Welcome to 206. Act I awaits…

206 – Act One Tracklisting:

  1. 12 Rounds
  2. Six Feet Under
  3. Zombie Love
  4. My Friends
  5. Guns and Roses
  6. Moshpit
  7. Slither
  8. Better Than Me

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