Boston Calling | Artists to Watch: Palehound

Acentric Magazine is counting down to the Boston Calling Music Festival by highlighting some of our favorite artists to watch.

Artist: Palehound
Genre: Rock
For fans of: Speedy Ortiz, Frankie Cosmos 
Palehound is a God-send for the weird girls like me. Initially a solo project, the band is fronted by Ellen Kempner, and they come to us from Allston, MA. In August 2013 she officially became Palehound when she released the song “Pet Carrot.” Ellen has a very interesting background in music and how she came about being Palehound. As the only girl in her high school who played music, I find her to be super relatable, which intrigues me about her even more! I know that Palehound is not going to let us down at Boston Calling. They are going to bring a totally different style and vibe to the fest! If you haven’t been introduced to Palehound, check out their track “Healthier Folk.”