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Brit Daniels Talks Latest Pop Single “Eulogy” and Bucket List Goals, and More

Up and coming Nashville-based pop singer Brit Daniels recently debuted her latest single and breakup anthem, “Eulogy.” A recent press release perfectly describes the songstress’ sound as “[intertwining] energetic pop with vibrant elements of rock and EDM to create a sound that completely encompasses everything about her.” Born and raised just outside of Dallas, TX, Brit Daniels began honing her craft through various outlets from performing in talent shows to singing the National Anthem for the Texas Rangers. She’s since launched her music career and now splits her time between Nashville and Los Angeles. We had the opportunity to chat with Brit Daniels. Read all about it below!

Yesse Carrillo: First and foremost, love love love Eulogy! The release is with the best of timing with this year’s new sunshine in California. I’m excited to see it grow!

Brit Daniels: Thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear you love it! I’m about to be heading out to L.A. for a couple of weeks, so I’ll definitely be blaring it with the windows down in that California sunshine, too!

YC: So how was it working with Ford Fairchild knowing that he was worked with some of the biggest names in pop?

BD: I had actually worked with Ford before on a photoshoot, but this was my first time working with him on a video! I always LOVE working with Ford and Christina (she works alongside Ford at FOCO Creative)! They’re such humble, genuine and fun people and it’s always such a blast on set with them. Not to mention, they’re so creative and come up with the coolest ideas. I love how they can be professional but have a great time all at the same time. It makes working with them such a joy and something I always look forward to!

YC: You spend a lot of time traveling back and forth between Nashville and L.A. Where do you find yourself more creatively pushed and why?

BD: I love having the opportunity to have a foot in both markets, and I really do think that is so important. Nashville and LA are so different on so many fronts, but I love that about them. Nashville is such a unique community, and I’m really lucky to be surrounded by so many incredibly talented creatives who are so supportive of one another. I’ve definitely found my people here who I work and mesh well with, and I love collaborating with them! LA is still relatively new to me, as I’ve only been going out there regularly since early last year, so I’m definitely still trying to pinpoint my people out there. The journey of learning a new place and working with new people makes it fun though!

YC: What are your top 3 goals for this year?

BD: I am the type of person who writes out my short term and long term goals, and those are constantly changing as I either accomplish them or as I think of new ways of moving forward with things. At the moment, my top 3 goals for this year are to be featured on a HUGE pop playlist curated by Spotify with 500k+ followers, to do some EDM/remix collaborations, & to be present in L.A. even more this year than I was last year.

YC: Which city (either in the U.S. or internationally), is on your bucket list to pass through on tour?

BD: PRAGUE! This is so random, but I’m half Czech and I’ve always wanted to go there, so what better than to combine my love for my heritage and my love for music! That would seriously be so cool.

YC: What kind of advice would you give the 12-year-old girl changing and finding her identity out there?

BD: As cliche as this sound, I really would tell them to learn to love yourself for who you are, be yourself & to not try so hard to fit in with the people you think are “cool.” It can be so exhausting and honestly, once you leave grade school, those people probably won’t be in your life at all anymore. You will be much more happy in the long run if you find out what makes you happy and truly focus on that. When you are able to love yourself and embrace yourself for who you truly are, life is so much more fun and enjoyable!

Thank you, Brit, for taking the time out to chat! For everyone else, make sure to check out “Eulogy” below!

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