Cage the Elephant

UIC Pavilion – Chicago, IL – 6.7.16

Photos by: Amanda Huerta

Cage the Elephant stopped in Chicago this past Tuesday at the UIC Pavilion. As fans eagerly waited, the lights went off and the banner dropped (which was covering the amazing lighting rig,) then Brad Shultz appeared first and said a few words, and the rest of the band followed. Once Matt Shultz popped out, the band opened with “Cry Baby.

The setlist featured songs off of their latest Tell Me I’m Pretty album, as expected. Surprisingly though, the band played many songs from Melophobia, and a few from Thank You Happy Birthday and Cage the Elephant. It’s safe to say that new and old fans were very pleased with the setlist for the night

Cage the Elephant gave off an energy during their performance, there was not one still body in the entire venue, every single person was jamming, singing, or full on dancing. Frontman Matt Shultz was running across every inch of the stage, jumping higher than what is probably humanly possible, and getting into the crowd and singing right in the faces of the die-hard fans.

Towards the end of the night, Cage the Elephant came back out on stage for a 3 song encore which featured an intimate “Cigarette Daydreams” and “Teeth.” “Shake Me Down” was also part of the encore but it was a crazy and a special song of the night because a fan managed to get across the crowd, over the barricade and past security, onto the stage. He was singing along off to the side of the stage and you could tell he was so passionate about this band, he then approached Matt as the song progressed and they were both singing to the giant crowd, and they began singing in each others faces intensely. The song ended and they gave each other a hug. Once the encore was wrapped up, the band exited the stage and Matt stayed to gather all the setlists, guitar pics, and any other souvenirs for fans, throwing some across the crowd and then personally handing some to fans.

Cage the Elephant are a little over halfway through with this tour, so be sure to get a ticket and see them. They give such an intimate and fun performance, it really should not be a show that you should be missing!

Here are the remaining dates:

6.10 – Minneapolis, MN.

6.11 – Madison, WI.

6.19 – Seattle, WA.

6.21 – Los Angeles, CA.

6.22 – San Diego, CA.

6.23 – San Francisco, CA.

6.25 – Las Vegas, NV.

6.26 – Glendale, AZ.