Canadian rapper Otis Silver releases new single “Catch Me If You Can”

Oshawa, Canada based rapper, Otis Silver, is set to release his debut album, From Rising to Dawning Son, through Numpack Records in March of 2018, but before that milestone in his career, the lyricist is poised to drop the lead single from the record, “Catch Me If You Can”.

The multi-talented artist, worked on the album with instrumentalists, vocalists and programmers, Myles Million, WAIKO and Pierce; to create his ambient and unique sound that combines R&B with pop, hip hop and upbeat production.

“The song’s story line starts with waking up with a girl in my bed who was not originally there when I went to sleep,” said Silver regarding “Catch Me If You Can”, “From that point on the woman makes many attempts to try and lead me away from the girl I love to be with her instead.”

Silver began his career after self-releasing the EP Eternal Youth, and is poised to catch the eye of hip hop fans with his most recent release.

Acentric Magazine has the pleasure of premiering Silver’s new single.

Click here to listen to a stream of “Catch Me If You Can.” or click here to purchase the single.

From Rising to Dawning Son tracklisting:

1. Knowledge
2. New Monte Cristo
3. Stay Up
4. Whats Up
5. Swisher Sweet
6. 20.05
7. Yin Yang
8. Means To Me
9. Catch Me If You Can
10. All Around