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The Watchlist: Jonezen

“I’m ‘Rock City, but both coasts gonna rock with me,” boasts up-and-coming MC Jonezen in his new single, the aptly titled “Bars,” a distinctive Rap/Rock hybrid that has earned the Detroit-bred spitter a spot on Acentric Magazine’s Watchlist. On…

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Bringing Girls Back to the Front

Manic Pixi brings Riot Grrl feminism and activism back to punk culture While attending any punk show or festival, one will notice an extreme lack of female band members. Lyrics, too, which were once woven with anti-establishment messages,have dulled…

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Emerging Artists: Kalimur

There was a list of over 100 band names that hit the cutting room floor before Kalimur frontman Brett Steinberg settled on a name that meant nothing. But after linking up with bandmates Alex Trouern-Trend and Jonah Propfe, Steinberg’s…

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Ashley Leone – Sugarcoated

There is a plethora of rising artists now putting themselves and their work online, but there are certain hardworking stars who rise above the rest. Ashley Leone is one of these artists, using her stunning songwriting abilities and her…

awake at last
Emerging Artists

Awake At Last

Artist: Awake At Last Genre: Hard/Melodic Rock Label: Unsigned For Fans Of: Story Of The Year, Emery, Heartist “Awake At Last is known for being a powerful and theatrical band, and that is greatly reflected on what they bring…