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In Space with Upright Man

On a hot Sunday afternoon in August, Acentric Magazine met with New York City rock n’ roll tro Upright Man for an interview and photo shoot on Roosevelt Island.  Written and photographed by Rick Perez. Who is Upright Man…


Q&A: Scarlet Sails’ Olya Viglione

The lovely Olya and Brian Viglione of Scarlet Sails, came to town a few weeks ago, and we had the treat of being able to see them play and have a chat. They are in the middle of their…

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Q&A: Oxymorrons

If you are a weirdo there is something that the mundane do that is as common as asking your name. They point out that you are weird or quirky, as if you are somehow unaware that you’re weird. I…

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Q&A: Marina City

Acentric Magazine had the chance to speak with Chicago-based self proclaimed “Aggressive Pop Rock” band Marina City, who were named last summer’s Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Winner and just a few months ago, they released a live acoustic…

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Acentric Magzine recently got the chance to chat with Icon For Hire during their latest tour. We talk about their unique sound, new music and their post-label music life. Here’s what they had to say!…

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Q&A with soulful singer-songwriter Luke Wade

Calling himself a Texas-based musician, you may recognize Luke Wade from his time on NBC’s 7th season of “The Voice.” Finishing in the Top 8 with Team Pharrell, Wade has since headlined more than a thousand live shows and performed alongside acts such…

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Bringing Girls Back to the Front

Manic Pixi brings Riot Grrl feminism and activism back to punk culture While attending any punk show or festival, one will notice an extreme lack of female band members. Lyrics, too, which were once woven with anti-establishment messages,have dulled…