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EXO The War

Thanks to my long summers in Texas and Tennessee, when I think of summer I think of the sticky humidity causing mosquitos to be drawn to you and the loud cicadas that never shut up. But I also think…

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Album Review: She-Devils

She-Devils’ dropped their self-titled debut LP today. It is a gorgeous melting pot of old yet familiar sounds of past decades such as go-go and swing mixed with ethereal, spacey soundscapes. The Montreal-based duo have no restraint on expressing…

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Album Review: Pond – The Weather

Australian psych-rockers POND have just unearthed another gem. As if this year wasn’t already drowning in good music, POND released the much anticipated album – The Weather on May 5th via Marathon Artists. It’s a psych-influenced, intergalactic, melodic, outer-space-based, synth-licking, serious…

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Sum 41 – 13 Voices

Artist: Sum 41 Album: 13 Voices Reviewer: Ryan Panny For Fans of: Green Day, Escape the Fate, My Chemical Romance   For the first time in over half a decade, the music industry’s increasingly cluttered calendar of every possible…

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Bleeker – Erase You

Artist: Bleeker Album: Erase You Reviewer: Ryan Panny For Fans of: The Black Keys, Buckcherry, Royal Blood In 2016, Rock music is like the Republican Party. While the genre may not have utterly imploded like the GOP has, it…

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BTS Flys With WINGS Comeback

The arguably most popular current boy group in South Korea, BTS, has released a new music video and dropped their second full length album — WINGS. Before the album released, BTS produced a series of seven short films — the…