COIN – Revolution Live – 2.1.18

Fort Lauderdale, FL – 
Photos by Alex Liscio

On Thursday, February 1st, COIN kicked off their biggest headlining tour yet in Fort Lauderdale, FL. South Florida locals, KIDS, kicked off the show, playing an enticing 40-minute set. Following KIDS’ performance was female quartet The Aces, who played a bubbly, exuberant set laced with new songs. Nashville natives, COIN, took the stage and opened up their set with a brand new song called “Growing Pains.” The lighting panel behind the band read “WELCOME HOME,” giving their fans a safe space and sense of comfort. Pinks, blues, and white strobes flashed as the band played into their second song, “Boyfriend.” As soon as the intro to the band’s hit “I Don’t Wanna Dance,” began, the crowd went wild and sang back the lyrics with vocalist Chase Lawrence. When the chorus hit, fans were singing louder than Lawrence, to his surprise, as he mouthed the words, “oh my god,” in awe. COIN also played tracks like “Time Machine,” “Are We Alone?,” “Hannah,” and “Run,” a song that they haven’t played in awhile. Toward the end of the set, the band premiered another new song, “Youuu,” sending the fans in a frenzy. Overall, COIN has been dominating their headlining tour and they are only three days in. Head out to one of these shows, whether you have heard the band before or not. This is a show that you do not want to miss.


The Aces


The Aces –