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Conner Youngblood shares collaborative track with Nylo

Conner Youngblood is back and sharing his first piece of new music in 2017!

The song titled “Everyday” is a collaborative effort with Nas-endorsed vocalist Nylo and finds Conner showcasing the breadth of his musicalย knowledge playing a charango, a 6-string ukelele and a cuatro, among other instruments.

Nylo shares about how the collaboration began,ย “I actually met Conner by hearing his music echoing out of an office in Epic records. I ran in overwhelmed by joy that there was music without a dance, four on the floor style kick pattern for once.”

Conner goes on to describe how the song came together, “The whole thing came about pretty naturally and pretty patiently. We wrote the music one night together in LA, and didn’t finish writing lyrics or recording vocals until the next time we could get together in Dallas maybe four or fiveย months later. It was an attempt at making an upbeat song, just to kind of step away from the usual moody and quiet vibes Nylo and I typically write.”

Listen to “Everyday” at below and stay tuned for more music from Conner Youngblood coming soon!

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