Counterparts – Gas Monkey – 3.13.18

Dallas, TX – 3.13.18
Photos by Zoe Dillman

Metalcore fans poured into Gas Monkey on Tuesday night to catch a glimpse at Architect‘s North American tour package. Post-hardcore outfits Counterparts and Stick to Your Guns opened the show while British metalcore band Architects headlined.

The crowd enjoyed Counterparts‘ set despite the chilly weather. Keeping warm by moshing to songs like “No Servant of Mine” and “Witness”. While their lyrical content is often emotional the band has a surprisingly fun presence on stageThe crowd overflows onto the stage during the band’s final and most popular song, “The Disconnect”.

Stick to Your Guns definitely had the highest energy of the night. The bassist and guitarist were jumping, kicking and spinning around for almost the entirety of the band’s set, making it difficult for me to take good photographs.

This show was part of Architects’ second tour back in the US after guitarist Tom Searle‘s death in 2016. It was evident that emotions were running high during their set many fans sang along to every song.


Stick to Your Guns