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Crowdmix Aims to Spread UK’s Grime Scene All Across North America

UK-based start-up music social platform Crowdmix has created a buzz as of late in the world of music streaming services and this past week they revealed a mini documentary in promotion of the company’s launch later this summer. Titled, “Taking Grime to the US”, Crowdmix “took to the streets of Austin, Texas to see the impact of UK Grime in the US during SXSW 2016” which featured Grime artists Skepta, Stormzy, Lethal Bizzle, Little Simz, Ghetts and others. Acentric Magazine covered Stormzy’s first show in Los Angeles a couple weeks back and we can say that Grime is infiltrating the venues and dance halls here in North America. Already, the US has been introduced to Grime sounds through leading artists like Drake and music stations such as Apple Music’s Beats1 Radio with London host Julie Adenuga. So we will see how the introduction of this new music social platform will further the spread of UK music in the US and other untapped Grime parts of the world. In regards to its mission, not much detail has been revealed about the working of the streaming service but reports and an appearance at AIM’s Indie-Con Conference in London by Co-Founder and Chief Product Office Gareth Ingham mentioned one of Crowdmix’s goals is “to create a new revenue stream from social. 50% of all the money that is made on the platform goes back to the artist community”. In essence of its name, Crowdmix may be creating a new form of pushing people to new music while allowing users to share their own preferences with other in “the crowd” — sounds cool.

For now, check out this lively and most definitely UK energy of a video about Grime and its (possible) dominance in this generation of music through the eyes of Crowdmix.

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