When It’s Dark Out tour
The Rave – Milwaukee – 3.30.16
Photos by: Amanda Huerta

This week G-Eazy kicked off the second leg of his ‘When It’s Dark Out’ tour. We were able to catch the second night of tour in Milwaukee, at the legendary Eagles Ballroom at The Rave.

The night began with Marty Grimes & Daghe. The show was only getting started, but the entire crowd was already going nuts. Throughout the set, Marty was throwing money with his logo on it at the crowd, making everyone even rowdier.

Next up was Nef the Pharaoh. He did not disappoint in keeping up the vibes for the night; everyone was waving their arms and jumping around. It was obvious from his stage presence that he was genuinely happy to be performing, and before he walked off stage he excitedly took a selfie with the crowd.

It was finally time for G-Eazy to make his appearance. There was a loud chant from the entire venue, they were screaming “Gerald! Gerald!” A large black curtain dropped and revealed a gritty, urban-esque stage. ‘Intro’ started playing which led into ‘Random’ and that’s when G-Eazy walked slowly through the door on stage, and of course the entire room went insane. He performed most of the songs off of When It’s Dark Out, and had a satisfying mix of songs off his previous albums as well.

The second leg of this tour has just begun and will sell out, so be sure to get a ticket and catch G-Eazy at the upcoming dates, you don’t want to miss out!

4/2 – Fargo, ND
4/4 – Edmonton, Canada
4/6 – Vancouver, Canada
4/7 – Spokane, WA
4/8 – Eugene, OR
4/9 – Reno, NV
4/10 – Bakersfield, CA
4/11 – Fresno, CA
4/15 – Indio, CA
4/17 – Las Vegas, NV
4/18 Flagstaff, AZ
4/19 – Santa Barbara, CA
4/22 – Indio, CA
4/23 – Tucson, AZ
4/ 24 El Paso, TX
4/26 – Baton Rouge, LA
4/27 – Birmingham, AL
4/28 – Simpsonville, SC
4/30 – West Palm Beach, FL