Dashboard Confessional – Brooklyn Steel – 3.29.18

Dashboard Confessional
Brooklyn, NY
Photos by Sam Lichtenstein

On a foggy and cold spring night, Brooklyn Steel was packed to the brim with eager fans itching to be reunited with the emo superstar himself, Chris Carrabba, Dashboard Confessional’s leading man. But first, fans were graced with the presence of Philly’s Kississippi, an indie folk group with a badass female frontwoman and only female-identifying and gender-nonconforming members. They ended with “Cut Yr Teeth,” an angry and powerful jam that was released as a single last year.

Next up was Beach Slang, also hailing from Philly. Beach Slang brought some energy with their high intensity punk songs, rounded out by lead singer James Alex’s outbursts to the audience about love, marriage, and making friends. Alex also lead the band in a few riffs of Santana’s “Smooth” before diving into a full-on 90s cover jam, ending with Oasis’s “Wonderwall” and an exclamation from Alex that they were running out of time onstage, but were having such a good time that it was worth it. If you’re looking for some punk that will put a smile on your face, don’t sleep on Beach Slang.

Finally it was time: the lights dimmed and the dapper-dressed Chris Carrabba took the stage. He asked if it was okay to “play a deep one,” and armed with his guitar, wowed the crowd with “Best Deceptions.” One song in and it felt like Carrabba had never taken a break from touring, despite his current album being his first in almost a decade. Other hits like “Screaming Infidelities,” “Stolen,” and “Vindicated” were all saved for the end, and crowd favorite “Hands Down” was the long-awaited encore. Newer songs like “Belong” and “We Fight” brought the same intensity as the emo ballads we all grew up with, and just proved that Dashboard Confessional is back, and dare I say, better than ever.


Beach Slang

Dashboard Confessional