The Observatory North Park – San Diego, CA – 12.01.16
Review and Photos by: Erika García

The final destination before the end of this tour takes place on the city of San Diego after long months of soulful concert nights and dynamic sounds. This english band formed by Elena Tonra, Igor Haefeli and Remi Aguilella have been releasing songs since 2010 and now being transformed by their energy through the stage. Opening the night with the song called “New Ways”, beautiful patterns  where taken from start to finish, giving what the all concert goers hope to experience. Throughout the night, in between songs, the band expressed all their gratitude towards their crew and exceptional fans that have been supporting them through their journey as musicians and to give them once more the opportunity of doing what they love most. Their most awaited song, “Youth”, was welcomed by the fans who sang alongside Elena’s vocals that swayed with the tender sound of the guitar and bass which can only be showcased by the unique sound of Daughter’s songs.

Closing with “Fosses” the band ended the show with very powerful instrumental melodies and rising tempo, sending off the audience with an invigorating night they’ll never forget. And now that this tour has ended we can only wait for what the band has in store for us on their next one.