Declan McKenna & Chappell Roan – Constellation Room – 03.30.2018

Declan McKenna & Chappell Roan
Santa Ana, CA – 03.30.2018
Photos by Angelica Nicolle Abalos

On Friday night in Santa Ana, California, Declan McKenna and Chappell Roan played a rocking, sold-out show at the Observatory Orange County’s Constellation Room.

Chappell Roan was the first to take the stage and warm up the crowd for the night. The set started off at a slow, mellow pace and the three-piece played songs from her EP. The singer/songwriter from Willard, Missouri displayed a carefree, relaxed attitude about her throughout the first few songs as she gently swayed along to soothing beats. Her soft-spoken voice as she addressed the crowd would be deceiving to those passing the room as Roan seamlessly coasted through her lower range and easily soared into higher notes. Throughout the set, her drummer assisted in singing higher key harmonies to complement Roan’s lower melody. This was especially displayed during her cover of The Cranberries song “Dreams”, which provided an upbeat change of pace and had the whole crowd clapping in unison. As soon as she announced her last song, the crowd let out a simultaneous “Awww” to show they weren’t ready for her to leave, though most were already excited for what was the come next.

Fans were still in high spirits and sang along to hits from the 80’s to 2000’s as they waited in anticipation for the headlining act, Declan McKenna. Soon the lights dimmed and, one by one, band members entered the stage to accompany their instruments. The band began to rock out with an intro instrumental that had the crowd screaming until McKenna ran out, jump-suited up with a glittered face, to greet his eager fans. McKenna engaged with his fans in the crowd as much as he did with his bandmates on stage, even abandoning his guitar and hopping onto the bar for a duration of a song. With every word and movement, McKenna’s fans swooned at his boyish charm. His crooning voice, near-angelic falsettos, and high energy garnered praise throughout the set. The whole room jumped around and sang along to every song they played, making it a Good Friday indeed.

Chappell Roan

Declan McKenna