Don’t Miss: Vanna’s Final Show

Earlier this year, hardcore giants Vanna announced their breakup along with one final tour. The tour ran from August 9th in Toronto to August 20th in Austin, TX. Vanna will close out with one final hometown show in Worcester at The Palladium on December 15. The lineup is stacked with support from bands including Kublai Khan, Lions Lions, Knocked Loose, Like Pacific, and more.

“We’ve had this day in the back of our minds since we started,” Vanna frontman Davey Muise says. “None of us could have known that day would be well over a decade later. One thing we always knew though was we want to go out the same way we came in and the same way we’ve always done it — surrounded by love from all the bands, friends, family, and fans we can squeeze into a room. That day has finally come for us. 

“We’ve put together one amazing night with incredible bands that we love and believe in,” continues Muise. “This will be the be-all, end-all party of the year and the perfect way to lay Vanna to rest. Come celebrate the life we’ve lived together all these years. Joy, tears, sweat, and a ton of surprises wait for you all. It’s one last time to let it all out. We’ve been a band called Vanna. Thank you. Goodnight.”

Vanna is sure to go out with a bang, so don’t miss their final show ever at the Palladium.

Tickets and more information are available here.