Echosmith/Inside A Dream tour – Hollywood, CA – May 12, 2018

Echosmith – Inside A Dream Tour
The Fonda Theatre – May 12, 2018
Photos by Shenaye Tylene

We’re all searching to belong and to feel like our worth means something. While it can be a bit frustrating to find our place at times, Echosmith reminds us with their insanely catchy lyrics and tranquil tunes that we are definitely one of the cool kids amongst all that we are. Recently making their way around the U.S. for their Inside a Dream Tour, fans went crazy as the band took the stage at The Fonda Theatre playing their last show in their hometown of Los Angeles, CA. Accompanying the band as their opening act on a raging Saturday night happened to be Indie-Pop band The Score whom originally had been founded out of New York.

The young trio siblings, Noah (22), Sydney (21), and Graham (19) came out with their newest EP titled Inside A Dream in late Sept. of 2017. Just as fans were starting to wonder where the band went after being sold over by their Talking Dreams album, Echosmith picked up right where they left off leaving their EP to speak for the gap years on its own. Voices were screaming and lyrics were being sung at the top of their lungs by fans ranging of all ages as the band engaged with an insanely bright and enthusiastic energy throughout the whole show. Not only did we have the great pleasure of singing along to all their newest hits out on the EP, as well as their oldest hits from their last album – we got to be completely jaw dropped when the band KILLED the stage playing their newest top hit “Over My Head” streaming over 8 million times on Spotify only to have come out nearly 2 months prior.

While the band’s tour has come to an end, many people seem to be eagerly waiting as to what will be next for them. A new EP, followed by their new single, as well as their first video since the EP – the band seems to be only going up on the scale of all great things to come. If you missed Echosmith on their latest tour you still have the chance to see them this month as they play in Las Vegas, Nevada at the cosmopolitan as well as at the River Fest amongst others in Little Rock, Arkansas.