Twenty One Pilots, Mutemath, & Chef’Special
Red Hat Amphitheater – Raleigh, NC – 6.9.2016
Photos by: Brianna Stacy

Twenty One Pilots with supporting acts, Chef’Special, and Mutemath, made a pit stop on the Emotional Roadshow tour in Raleigh. Red Hat Amphitheater was packed, a line was wrapped around the block and while I was walking around I heard people tried to camp out for the show.

Chef’Special, a five piece band from the Netherlands, easily got the crowd hyped up. Mutemath stole the spotlight next.

We had a thunderstorm warning throughout the day and everyone was hoping the storm would skip over the venue, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. And with the venue being outside they had to postpone show until it passed. They had everyone leave the venue and go across the street to the Convention Center for their safety. A crowd formed around the venue entrance and started chanting “TOP TOP,” and people started crowd surfing to pass the time. After about a hour of waiting, the stormed passed and they opened the gate and the crowd went running back into the venue, eagerly ready for Twenty One Pilots to take the stage. Twenty One Pilots ran out onstage and the crowd was more than ready, screams and shots filled the air and they started the night with the song “Fairly Local.” The rain picked up again and the singer, Tyler Joseph, said “If anyone’s electrics get ruined, send the bill to Josh.”

They ended the night with a few covers song and even sang an extra song for the crowd.