Epitaph Tour – House of Blues Dallas – 11.13.18

Epitaph Tour

Dallas, TX – 11.13.18

Photos and words by Zoe Dillman

Fans of all ages crowded into House of Blues Tuesday to see alternative giants Thrice perform. Thrice headlined the night, accompanied by label-mates Teenage Wrist and five-piece The Bronx. Teenage Wrist is a shoegaze quartet from Los Angeles, CA with a heavy 90’s influence. The band’s sound is full of distorted guitars and lush vocals, similar to acts like Smashing Pumpkins or Whirr. Their stage presence put the crowd in a dream-like state as they played songs such as “Swallow” and “Chrome Neon Jesus“, the title track off their first album. 

Soon after Teenage Wrist left the stage, The Bronx quickly woke up the crowd from their trance. The band was fresh off hiatus and ready to impress. The crowd cheered as vocalist Ford Caughthran leaped into the crowd mid-set to perform on the floor. The group’s most recent release “(V)“, was released in 2017 via ATO Records.

At about 9 pm, headliner Thrice entered the stage to end the night. Their stage presence wavered between calm and soothing and emotional rage. Audience members quickly lifted each other up to crowd surf during tracks like “Hurricane” and “Black Honey“. When guitarist Dustin Kensure strummed the opening notes to “Artist in the Ambulance“, the crowd cheered in anticipation of hearing their favorite song. Even after a nineteen-song set, the group still came back out to satisfy fans with an encore.