Every Time I Die 20 Year Tour – Dallas,TX – 11.28.18

Every Time I Die 20 Year Tour

Dallas, TX – 11.28.18

Photos and words by Zoe Dillman


“This is all you were programmed to be afraid of.” This is the rallying cry of metallic-hardcore outfit Vein, who has been shaking up the hardcore scene for nearly two years. Vein plays an aggressive blend of nu-metal, metallic hardcore, and metalcore. The contrast of sporadic movements and thrashing bodies onstage with intricate guitar and drum parts makes their music feel spastic yet technical. Bodies swarmed to the barricade to grab the mic during popular tracks like “Progenitor” and “Virus://Virbrance“. Vein left the crowd feeling destructive and electrified, ready to conquer the rest of the night.

Singer Justice Tripp’s gold tooth twinkled as he belted out the lyrics to groovy tracks such as “Toxic Boombox“, “Headstone“, and “Set Me Up“. Angel Du$t has an irresistibly catchy sound that is guaranteed to make you want to dance. The Maryland-based act pummeled through their set with a charismatic stage presence that I have only seen in Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice, who all share members. Following the band’s announcement that they have signed with alternative giant Roadrunner Records, the five-piece put out two new tracks this November. 

Turnstile has undeniably skyrocketed into the spotlight these last few years, a process that was rapidly accelerated by the release of their sophomore effort “Time & Space” via Roadrunner. Since February, the band has received press from the likes of NPR, Spin, Pitchfork and theneedledrop. It’s not surprising that the release is receiving so much praise. The outfit mixes elements from genres such as metal, punk, hardcore, and even jazz to create their signature sound. While older tracks like “Blue By You” or “Canned Heat” invoke feelings of violence and rage, new tracks such as “Disco” or “Moon” feel more celestial and relaxed. Turnstile’s aura invigorates crowds. Fans put security to work as they rushed over the barricade in hopes of grabbing the mic to sing along to their favorite song. After the set, bassist Fronz gave his setlist to an audience member, reminding the crowd that Turnstile isn’t forgetting where they came from.

Even after twenty years of touring, Every Time I Die still has the zeal they did in the early 00’s. The act’s fanbase can be described in only two words. Absolutely nuts. Clothes, shoes, and half-empty beers were all launched from the crowd before the third song even started. The front barricade nearly gave way as enthusiastic fans yearned closer and closer to the band onstage. Crowdsurfers poured to the front of the room as “Apocalypse Now and Then” rang out from the PA. Before exiting the stage, the band paid a proper thank you to Dallas by playing a cover of Pantera’s 1990 hit “Domination“. 

Remaining tour dates:

12/03 — Tampa, FL @ Orpheum
12/04 — Lake Park, FL @ Kelsey Theatre
12/05 — Jacksonville, FL @ 1904
12/06 — Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
12/07 — Columbia, SC @ The Senate
12/08 — Greensboro, NC @ Arizona Pete’s
12/09 — Richmond, VA @ Broadberry
12/10 — Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage
12/11 — Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
12/12 — Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre