Fan Traits: All Time Low’s Hometown Hustlers

All Time Low
MECU Pavilion – Baltimore, MD
Written by Danielle Reitan

“Fan Traits” is a project based off of Brad Heaton’s project called, “Tour Traits”. A while back, Heaton thought of the idea to take photos of the crew behind the tour. He captured dramatic shots that told a story of the talents off stage rather than on. “Fan Traits” mirrors that concept in the way that it shows those who helped bands and artists gain their fame.

On August 18, 2018 All Time Low graced their hometown of Baltimore, MD for the Summer Ever After Tour with support from Dashboard Confessional and Gnash. Fans did not hesitate to show their support with some lining up at the venue as early as 6AM. My crew and I arrived shortly after 7AM, surprised to find a line had already started. As the day passed and the sun beat down on us all, I began to wonder down the line and make conversation. People from all over gathered at the pier for the show; some who came as far from California, North Carolina, Indiana and more. Long time fans who reside in Baltimore also made an appearance, “I’ve never missed a hometown show.”

Below are photos off fans from far and wide, or just around the corner. Each one tells a different story. These fans show endless support for a band that have and never will let them down.

“I wanted to show them how much they mean to me, and everyone here.”

“I finally get to show them the tattoo of the song that means the most to me.”

“Without them I wouldn’t know what it’s like to truly feel alive.”

“I’ve met some of my closest friends through their music.”

“They inspired me to pursue my dreams.”

“Being a part of their fanbase makes me feel like I belong somewhere.”

“I never fail to have fun at their shows.”

“I’ve been to so many new places because of them and have met so many new people.”

“Everyone I meet through All Time Low makes me feel like family.”

“Their lyrics have helped me through more than words can explain.”

“Before All Time Low shows, I was afraid of the pit. As dumb as it sounds, their shows have made me confident at shows.”

“They give me a home at every show I see them at, no matter who I’m with or what city I’m in.”