Fickle Friends – The Echo – 05.02.18

Fickle Friends
Los Angeles, California – 05.02.18
Photos by Salma Bustos

Fickle Friends headlined the Echo in Los Angeles on their first US mini tour. This bold band from the UK makes sure to capture your attention the second they step on stage. Debuting their newest album “You Are Someone Else” the 5 piece lights up the stage showcasing the majority of the tracks on the album

The opening act Post Precious was a three piece local band from Los Angeles. Comprised of A drummer, keyboardist and vocalist/guitar player the band put on a great performance. The members could be seen enjoying the time on stage and playing their songs. Post Precious is a relatively new band and because they do not have many songs the vocalist and keyboardist cover song from their own respective bands. A phenomenal Sign of the Times cover was also thrown in there as well.

The band has just gotten off of a UK tour and jumped feet first into their first three US shows, they are due back in Los Angeles in October. Fickle Friends has been working hard the past few years playing festivals and touring in their home regions, building a solid fanbase as they go along.

The band takes the stage and the dance party immediately begins. Lead singer Natti jumps down into the crowd and dances around, she constantly interacts with the crowd. During the last song of their encore “Swim” vocalist Natti splits the crowd in half and teaches each side to sing certain words to her. Once the song is played in full her vision perfectly comes to life. Keyboardist Jack Wilson has the synths and back tracks down to a science. Both Jack and Natti do a great job entertaining the crowd with their banter.

Drummer Sam Morris is an essential backbone to the bands sound, providing support to the abundance of rhythm. Bassist Harry Harrington’s bass tones support the synth tones and adds the electric vibrations that you could feel in your chest. Guitarist Chris Hall can be seen having a blast on stage rocking out on the lead guitar.

Fickle Friends music and live performance is a feel good ethereal experience. Check out the band as soon as they decide to come to a venue near you and invite your friends to have a great time. Do not forget to add You Are Someone Else to your summer playlist, with standout songs like “Swim” and “Crybaby”, you won’t regret it.

Post Precious

Fickle Friends