Frenship – El Rey Theater – 05.11.18


El Rey Theater, Los Angeles 


Photos by Salma Bustos

Frenships Spring Tour with support from Yoke Lore swung by the EL Rey in Hollywood. The tour package complements each other well as fans of Frenship will enjoy Yoke Lore and Frenship as well.

Yoke Lore put on an amazing performance that isn’t seen every day. The two piece consisted of lead vocalist/banjo player and drummer/ track player to support their sound.Yoke Lore performed a few slower tempo songs and some more upbeat, they wanted an intimate feeling during their set and they achieved it. Although they are only two piece, Yoke Lore has a grand sound and they can get a crowd moving.

Frenship perform as a full live band, making them a five piece. Fronted by two lead vocalists who also pick up instruments throughout the set the band puts on an incredible performance. Frenships stage production is eye grabbing, the ring if light in the middle of their performance helps contribute to the mood of the songs that are being played. Frenship plays newer songs such as “LOVE Somebody” and “GOODMORNING, goodbye” as well as older ones, like their big hit “Capsize” feat. Emily Warren. The entire night the audience and the band feed off of each other’s energy Frenship’s vibrant sound is distinguishable and the energy during their live performance matches it.

Frenship is a unique pop band that you should definitely check out, then attend one of their shows and dance along. Frenship is finishing this tour at a few more dates in the Us, be sure to catch them in the town./date nearest to you.

Yoke Lore