Gojira – Gas Monkey Live – 10.13.17

There couldn’t of been a better night than Friday the 13th to catch a date of Magma tour. Especially with Pittsburgh hardcore act Code Orange opening the show.

With all the moshing, circle pits, and head banging the band\s performance can only be described as controlled chaos. The five piece played songs such as “Spy” and “The Mud”, which they recently released a music video for. Code Orange possesses the ability to win over audiences with their unparalleled stage presence and striking mood.

As the lights dimmed, the crowd started chanting “Go-jir-a” and which quickly flipped into a deafening roar as the band walked on stage. The metal outfit absolutely captivated the crowd. Audience members stretched over the barricade in excitement as the French masterminds played hits such as “L’Enfant Sauvage” and “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe”. While confetti floated down through the air, frontman Joe Duplantier spoke into the microphone “Yes this is the last song, then it’s over”.

Gojira’s North American run still has three dates left, tonight at Tricky Falls, October 17th at The Marquee and October 19th at the Observatory. I would highly recommend coming out to one of the remaining dates of this tour.


Code Orange