HAIM Sister Sister Sister Tour – The Fox Theater – 04.11.18

HAIM – Sister Sister Sister Tour
Pomona, California – 04.11.18
Photos by Salma Bustos

HAIM added an extra show to their Sister Sister Sister Tour at the Fox Theater in Pomona right before playing the Coachella main stage for the next two weekends.

The smaller venue made the show feel very intimate, as if the band were playing one of the small venues from their hometown. Proud representatives of the San Fernando Valley were very appreciative of their hometown crowd.

Fazerdaze, originally from New Zealand, opened up this one off show of the tour. They received a very positive response from the crowd. Their guitar accompanied indie pop sound is very enticing and extremely vibey, it’s no wonder they had the crowd falling in love.

HAIM took the stage with a grand presence and the band goes into a powerful intro drum piece that segued straight into “Falling” followed directly by “Don’t Save Me”. The band played the perfect mixture of the most danceable tunes from their albums Days are Gone and Something To Tell You. There was not a still soul in the house, it was time to dance.

The band was highly engaged with the crowd and shared their excitement about performing at the festival that they grew up attending. Bassist Este shared a story about one of her amazing experiences at the festival and how she couldn’t wait to perform the next two weeks.

They wrapped up their set with another drum piece at the end of “Something To Tell You”. After taking a brief break,  HAIM returned for a 3-song encore of “Walking Away”, “Found it in Silence” and “Little of Your Love” with a grand finale of a shower of confetti.

It was apparent that the band puts a lot of emotion and thought into how their live performance looks and feels for their fans. The lighting and stage set up was executed so well and the reflecting panels and the spotlights definitely added a bigger feel to the smaller venue. The look and production of the show was very well thought out.

HAIM gave the crowd their all and made it one of the most unforgettable nights anyone in that room has ever experienced.