Home of the Strange Tour – The Tabernacle – 3.9.2017

Young the Giant
The Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA – 3.9.2017
Photos by: Ashton Garner

On the warm, early spring night of March 9th, 2017, hundreds of fans gathered in line outside the Tabernacle to await Young the Giant for their first night in Atlanta. As the second-to-last night of tour, it would seem that everything should be winding down. This was far from true.

As 9:15pm ticked around, the lights dimmed and the crowd made sure to express their excitement. The members of Young the Giant all put forth their best as they opened with the banger “Jungle Youth.” The audience belted the words back to the band. Frontman Sameer Gadhia played it cool with a guitar in his hands for the first song, but soon left it in the dust to dance around and engage the crowd even more. The whole band’s vibe made them an absolute joy to watch.

As the night continued, the band played a good mix of songs from multiple albums, but made sure to play Home of the Strange in full. The crowd danced and sang along to every song. As a conclusion to the first part of their set, Young the Giant played the title track, “Home of the Strange” before leaving the stage for a couple of minutes. The crowd buzzed in their spots and chanted for an encore. A few seconds later, the band graced the stage and jammed to “Amerika,” followed by “Silvertongue” and their ever-popular hit “My Body” to close out the night.

The band’s onstage antics combined with their beautiful lighting made the concert not only enjoyable to the ears, but to the eyes. It was such a great first live experience for me for this band, and I could have watched the set all over again the second it ended. Young the Giant are true performers and made for such an incredible night.

Leg two of the Home of the Strange Tour kicks off in August, and if it’s anything similar to this show, it’s definitely not something I would want to miss.

Young the Giant