Homesafe – Indianapolis, IN – 6.22.18


Hoosier Dome – Indianapolis, IN – 6.22.18

Words & Photos by Grace Earley

Homesafe, Chicago’s up and coming pop-punk quartet, found themselves 3 hours southeast of home in Indianapolis, Indiana at the 150 capacity Hoosier Dome for the third show of the ONE Tour on August 22nd.  The incredibly talented, ambitious and amiable lineup consisted of opening groups Hot Mulligan, Heart Attack Man, and the female fronted Jetty Bones.

Jetty Bones, a vibrant indie rock band based out of Ohio, took the stage of the Dome by storm earlier on in the night. Lead vocalist,  Kelc Galluzzo, was celebrating her 26thbirthday the day of the show, and the crowd did not fail to make it one hell of a celebration. Party hats sat on the heads of the entire front row, balloons covered the stage, and towards the end of the set, a Happy Birthday banner was passed up to Kelc. The group started off the evening with the first track of their debut EP “Crucial States”, “Lumos”. They continued with songs such as “Clear Honey”, and “No Lover”, and ended with a fan favorite, “Coasting Lines”. Not one thing about the spunky, bright minded group disappointed me, and I will definitely be adding many of their songs onto my personal playlists.

Secondly, Heart Attack Man graced the stage by means of a neon green sign spelling out the group’s name. Ripping out multiple songs that brought forward crowd surfers and stage divers, as well as causing multiple circle pits to open up, the band was very easily viewed as a crowd favorite. Leaning more towards the “Punk” side of the Pop-Punk genre that they fall under, Heart Attack Man most definitely got the fans off of their feet and brought an extremely ardent energy into the room.

Formed in 2014 and consisting of vocalist Tades Sanville, guitarist and co-vocalist Chris Freeman, guitarist Ryan Malicsi, bassist Garrett “Sniff” Willing, and touring drummer Griffin Taylor (sitting in for Brandon Blakeley), Pop-Punk band Hot Mulligan took the stage last. Face to face with the crowd for the vast majority of their performance, the group without fail caused many members of the slowly growing crowd to leave with barely audible voices. His feet barely ever touching the ground, Tades was filled with such an incredibly powerful energy the entire night that visibly rubbed off on every person in the room.

Finally, the stage was cleared, and the crowd waited in anticipation. New fans now found themselves in the front row, and the room was filled with anxious chatter. Before I knew it, Homesafe stepped foot on stage, and the beginning instrumental to the band’s song “Stranger” began. Sweat beads formed quickly on the foreheads of the crowd, and fists were pumped in the air. A multitude of crowd surfers found their way up to the stage and jumped back onto the upward facing hands that filled the room.

Make time to attend this tour. I cannot emphasize it enough. The lineup is beyond astounding and is perfect for someone who may prefer the more pop side of the pop punk scale, but it at the same time is perfect for someone who prefers the differing punk side of it. The remaining dates of the ONE tour are listed below.

July 5th/ Dallas, TX / Three Links

July 6th/ Austin, TX / Barracuda

July 7th/ Houston, TX / White Oak Music Hall

July 9th/ Atlanta, GA / Masquerade

July 10th/ Orlando, FL / Sound Bar

July 11th/ Chapel Hill, NC / Local 506

July 12th/ Richmond, VA / Canal Club

July 13th/ Washington, D.C. / Soundbyrd

July 14th/ Philadelphia, PA / Everybody Hits

July 17th/ Boston, MA / Sonia

July 18th/ Pittsburgh, PA / Funhouse

July 19th/ Toronto, ON / Hard Luck Bar

July 20th/ Cleveland, OH / Mahall’s