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Hometown Blues

Photos and words by Sam Lichtenstein

While growing up in Florida, the beach was essentially my second home, so you can imagine how much of a culture shock it was when I moved to New York City for school in August 2014. A year and a half later, and I still cannot accept the fact that if I have the urge to see the ocean, I have to take the train to Coney Island or the Rockaways.  

In August last year, my mom moved an hour away from my hometown of Sarasota to a small town called Indian Shores, which sits right on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. She lives in a two-bedroom house whose doors literally open onto the sand of the beach, and I am amazed every time I go to visit her.  For winter break and spring break, I decided to shoot some 120mm and 35mm film photos to show just how beautiful Florida can be.  I photographed around her backyard and the surrounding area, as well as the Salvador Dali Museum in downtown St. Petersburg, which is the closest metropolitan city, and an up-and-coming area for art and culture.   

Now that I’ve swapped the sunshine and salty air for snow and skyscrapers, I appreciate Florida more each time I am able to go home and visit.

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