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Hoodie Allen, Luke Christopher & More – St. Andrews Hall – 11.19.17

Hoodie Allen, Luke Christopher & Myles Parrish
St. Andrews Hall – Detroit, MI – 11.19.2017
Photographer: Robert Sherman

If it was a lazy Sunday night in Detroit, you definitely wouldn’t have been able to tell had you walked into Hoodie Allen‘s “The Hype World Tour” at St. Andrews Hall.

The independent rapper has made it known that the shows on this tour, most of which have sold out (including Detroit), were going to be one of the most entertaining concerts that you’ve been to. And the rapper did not disappoint.

From the opening act, Myles Parrish, the energy in the building was undeniable. Parrish brought his heavy hitting and energetic beats, mixed with slick and intertwining rhymes to the stage, which effectively revved up the Detroit crowd.

Then, Luke Christopher, graced the stage with his brand of pop, R&B and hip hop. Christopher, best known for his single “Lot to Learn,” recently released his debut studio album TMRWFRVR via RCA Records.

Christopher did a phenomenal job preparing the crowd for Hoodie Allen’s set, even jumping down from the stage and into the crowd to high-five and hug people in the front row during “Waterfalls.”

“Waterfalls” is the most recent single to be released from the record, and was easily the best performed, and (in my opinion) best song on the California rappers set list. The song intertwines a heavy pop beat, while Christopher delivered intricate rhymes about how money and fame doesn’t correlate into love. The chorus was perhaps the best part of the song, which showcased Christopher’s talent as a singer in a genuine and heartfelt cut from the record.

When it was time for Hoodie Allen to grace the stage, the crowd was ready. Allen couldn’t even walk onto stage before a bra (one of many) was thrown onto the stage at Allen’s guitarist. The hip hop artist started his set with, what was the first release off The Hype, “Sushi.”

Allen’s prolific use of blending pop and hip hop translates fantastically to a live setting, with Allen opting to use a full band on The Hype World Tour, rather than using samples of his tracks. This decision paid off, as the set was incredibly lively and energetic, as is expected from Allen.

A contest was held between Parrish’s and Christopher’s set to award a fan to come onto stage and meet Allen in front of the sold out crowd, and that girl was brought on stage to announce the next song “Surprise Party,” which normally features blackbear, but Allen decided to take the singing on himself, showing his crooning chops on the track.

Immediately after, the crowd was blasted by cakes being thrown onto them from Allen and his team during the song “Cake Boy.”

He finally played my two favorite songs, “All My Friends” and “No Faith in Brooklyn,” before telling his fans that he is creating a video to independently get “Know It All” off his new record onto TV and radio, specifically The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Hoodie Allen finished the set with arguably his most known song, “No Interruption.”

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