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Idling: Everything But Idle on ‘In You, I’m Blue’

photo by Adam Gerhold

The word idling usually reminds me of working in a repair place with some crumby snow blower engine that won’t calm down and goes full balls to the wall without… yup, idling. Well that has changed. When I hear the word idling now, I think about the New Hampshire indie pop three piece that has been anything but idle.

Idling is Tyler Mills, Nick Rocci, and Jeremy Cunningham. They are writing and performing some of the most familiar but original music in the New England area. The band captures the essence of the current indie pop trend while incorporating interesting and unique styles and sounds.  They are everything you’ve come to expect from a band in this genre but with added extras.

The originality in their sound stems from the collaborative style of writing – the entire bands contributes. “We all write together,” Mills says. What may start as a riff or section of song from Mills, can often turn into something completely different. A handful of songs were written with the first bassist before Cunningham joined. Two of those songs made it on their upcoming release, “one of which sounds nothing like the song we wrote with him,” says Mills, and the lyrics to “Weather” which is the most intense song on the album were written by Rocci who plays drums.”

The band’s first full length album, In You, I’m Blue, is out today, Friday, September 22. A locally stacked release show at Sue’s Space in Rollinsford, NH, which was unanimously voted, “the best place,” by the band, on Saturday the 23rd will be supported by Gash, Daphne Blue Underworld, and a solo set by Ezra Cohen of Notches. All proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.

With, In You, I’m Blue, “We sat on it for a few months,” the band says, which is noticeable and important. For a release to have a meaningful impact like the one that Idling delivers, the recording can’t be rushed directly after the songs are written. “I think it’s super important to play songs to death before you record them,” Cunningham says. Songs on the record range from mid temp indie rock, to dreamy interludes, to aggressive post-rock, but all manage to fit together in a well thought-out and produced album.

The album will be self-released and pressed to 100 tapes with all art and design done in-house. “It makes it feel like it’s more us,” Cunningham says. They have embraced the DIY ethic in that everything is done the way they want it and by them. This makes the release a more intimate piece of art. Everything is from the band to the listener / viewer exactly the way the band wants it and delivered to the audience and the scene that has supported them from the start.

“I feel like New Hampshire’s killing it and not a lot of people know about it,” Mills says in regards to how exciting and flourishing the music scene in New Hampshire is right now. The state is producing new, talented, and original bands. “There are so many bands,” Mills says, “All of our friends are so good.”

In You, I’m Blue was recorded in February at Crawl Space in Dover, NH by Joe Brown and Alex Bourne.

The band is set to jump on tour with Settler in October, and they have plans to release a three-way split with Greed Island and Charles.


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