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Rick Rude: Make Mine Tuesday Without Overthinking

“We’ve had great success without overthinking anything.” – Ben Troy of Rick Rude

The name Rick Rude is most commonly synonymous with wrestling. Rude played a charismatic and cocky character often stripping off his robe on his way to the ring while insulting the male audience members for being overweight and ugly. His spats with Jake The Snake will be forever remembered as one of the greatest feuds in wrestling history. This Rick Rude ran wild through the squared circle, but the legacy of Rude continues on, not in the ring, but in your eardrums, on your record player, and on stage at your local venue.

New Hampshire’s Rick Rude, made up of Ben Troy, Noah Lefebvre, Ryan Harrison, and Jordan Holtz, play a folk inspired indie rock in the vein of Built To Spill and Cheap Trick. The band and name itself were all created through informal means. Troy tells me, “The band name was really more in the moment of our practices. Ryan, Noah, and I all participated in a festival fundraiser wrestling event at Wrong Brain HQ in Dover, NH. It was chosen as an inspiration in the moment.”

Much like the band name itself, the writing process follows the same format with all members of the band bringing parts to the table and writing both music and lyrics separately and together. Troy says, “There are times when the writing comes in pieces from one person and is completed by committee, both lyrically and musically.” For instance, “Bald & Fat in Houston, TX” started as a way for the band to warm up before practice, which then later was made into a full song after Troy, decided to add vocals. “Noah wrote the music for ‘Sierra L’Mist’ and Jordan wrote the lyrics. This process has relieved any pressure, allowing the responsibility of work to fall on everyone,” Troy says. “The album is a collection of our work so far. We’re also incredibly excited about this record. Throughout the process the work has felt so good and been so rewarding.”

Rick Rude’s newest record and first full length, Make Mine Tuesday, is a perfect combination of heartfelt and emotional songwriting without being too heavy-handed which manages to stay playful and unique. The record was co-released by TinyRadars and Sophomore Lounge and has received great response both locally and elsewhere. “This is a great time to be a self produced, self promoted artist,” Troy tells me. “We have a community of extremely talented people. We’re lucky to be a part of it. It is extremely rare that we are not sharing a bill with a great band, or helping to promote a talented visual artist.”

The Northeast scene has been a hot bed of activity for new and emerging artists like Rick Rude. The band played a short run of shows with Kiss Concert, and their record release show featured them as well as another local favorite, Bunny’s A Swine. “Notches and Heavy Pockets have been bands of buddies along the way, helping us release some earlier work,” Troy says.

The band will continue it’s support for Make Mine Tuesday but already have plans to head back into the studio in March to get working on their next record. “I can’t imagine we wont be playing our music for a long time,” Troy says. “As much fun as we have with this, it is an essential part of each of our lives.

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