Jesse McCartney – Irving Plaza, NYC – 6.28.2018

Jesse McCartney, Better With You Tour

Irving Plaza – 6.28.2018

Photos and Review by Ashton Sotiro

Irving Plaza was sold out last night, as one of the biggest pop stars from the 2000s was gracing its stage. Jesse McCartney was returning to his home town in New York City for a stop on his tenth tour, Better With You, named after his hit single which he released earlier this year. Special guests Public and Nina Nesbitt opened, both giving fun and energetic performances to hype up the crowd.

The full house was growing with anticipation as 9:45pm rolled around, with the crowd cheering “Jesse, Jesse, Jesse!” His band, a guitarist and a drummer, soon walked on stage and began playing the intro for the beloved pop star to soon appear. Finally, Jesse appeared on stage, playing an electronic intro on an audio mixer sound board. He then played the first song from his first album, Beautiful Soul, followed by the 2008 hit Leavin’. The sense of nostalgia that filled the room took everyone back to their middle school days of iPod shuffles and TigerBeat Magazines.

There’s a reason Jesse was known as the teenage heartthrob of the 2000s, and even at 31, Jesse still had everyone in the crowd swooning over his voice, his dance moves, and everything else about him. He constantly interacted with the audience, as he’s had years of experience being the center of everyone’s attention, and yet, you could tell that he lacked that over-inflated ego that some pop stars develop from all that fame.

Throughout his set, Jesse introduced a few new songs as a teaser for his upcoming album. About halfway through, Jesse started talking about how he was so glad to be back in his hometown, revealing that he grew up in Chelsea, and that it was his first time playing at Irving Plaza in years. The crowd cheered and he even interacted with the audience members up front, asking where they’re from. Jesse continued by playing a few acoustic throwbacks, to which the entire crowd sung devotedly along.

This tour is the first time Jesse McCartney has stepped back into the spotlight in a while. Since he released his last album, In Technicolor, four years ago, he had taken a break from producing new music, focusing on his personal life with a few acting roles thrown in here and there. You could tell by the look on his face throughout the night that he was happy to be back on stage, where he truly belongs.

It was evident that Jesse McCartney still held the hearts of many fans in the room, as everyone from teenagers to young adults sung and danced their hearts out all night long. His show set the bar high for his upcoming album, which I’m positive will live up to his fans’ expectations. He definitely has big things in store for us, and we are all eager to see this new era of Jesse McCartney.