State Champs, Parkway Drive, A Day to Remember
Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel – Providence, RI – 5.10.2016
Photos by: Brittany Isaacson

The ‘Just Some Shows Tour’ made a stop in Providence this week. The tour has sold out almost all of its dates, and I can see why. State Champs opened the night with a bang. Fans were jumping, singing, and crowd surfing as they played songs such as “Remedy” and “Simple Existence.” Parkway Drive continued to get the crowd going with their drops and rad lighting.

As A Day to Remember made their way to the stage, not a single fan was silent. The energy that these guys perform with left everyone off their feet. Songs such as “The Downfall of Us All” and “Monument” had the crowd roaring, as well as their new song “Paranoia.” By the end of the night, the entire floor was full of mosh pits, beach balls, and confetti. Tickets for most of the remaining shows are sold out so get your hands on a ticket if you still can! Definitely not a show to miss!

5/17 – Kansas City, MO
5/18 – Peoria, IL
5/20 – Columbus, OH
5/21 – Schaghticoke, NY