Knox Hamilton – Mercury Lounge – 07.20.18

Knox Hamilton, Beach Boy Tour

Mercury Lounge NYC – 07.20.18

Photos and Review by Ashton Sotiro

In our fourth issue of Acentric Magazine, we featured up-and-coming band Knox Hamilton on our cover. After a little over a year, we had the pleasure of reconnecting with the band by attending a show on their first headlining tour.

The indie-pop band from Little Rock, Arkansas, made an appearance at Mercury Lounge in New York City for a stop on their Beach Boy Tour. This late-night show began at 8pm with lively performances by openers Joseph Tilley, Teen Commandments, and Brother Sundance. The venue was packed by the time it was time for Knox Hamilton to go on. Having only been together for five years, the band certainly drew in a crowd. As the show was restricted to those 18 and over, the crowd was on the younger end of the spectrum, with high energy and anticipation as they waited for the main act.

Mercury Lounge, for anyone who’s never been, is a very small music venue that has a maximum capacity of 250 people. The stage is also very low, which facilitates intimate performances. There are a few couches lining the sides of the room, but other than that, it is standing-area only. The crowd kept themselves entertained in between sets, dancing to the music playing from the speakers and socializing with the other concert-goers.

At around 10:30, Knox Hamilton took the stage, decked out in classic Hawaiian shirts. Wave sounds played as their intro began, really fitting the summery theme of the Beach Boy Tour. They then jumped right into their synth-pop song Beach Boy, but is anyone actually surprised with this one? Having released their EP named after this song earlier this year, Knox Hamilton has easily seized the opportunity for these tracks to be dubbed as “the song of the summer”.

Throughout the set, the band performed hits from their 2017 album, The Heights, and their most recent EP, Beach Boy. After announcing that this was their first headlining tour, lead singer Boots Copeland humbly declared that they are “just now getting the hang of it.” From the looks of it, making music and performing is something that these guys were born to do, judging by the band’s chemistry with each other to their interactions with the crowd. Halfway through the show, they slowed it down with The Heights and Barely Missed You. The crowd swayed along to the symphonic rhythms and euphonious vocals that filled the room. Looking around the venue, you could see friends with their arms around each other, couples dancing and kissing, and there wasn’t a soul in the room who wasn’t touched by the music.

This show truly emulated Knox Hamilton’s mission of providing fun, care-free vibes to their listeners. The crowd truly enjoyed the presence of each other, and you could tell that Knox Hamilton was just as happy to be there as their audience was. They wrapped up their set with their two most popular songs, Washed Up Together and Work It Out. While this tour just about exemplifies the tremendous talent the band possesses, it would certainly not be surprising to see Knox Hamilton blow up within a year or so. But for now, we’ll be blasting their songs all summer long, watching as they get discovered more and more.


  1. Intro
  2. Beach Boy
  3. Set It On Fire
  4. Back Porch
  5. We Get Back
  6. Call Me Up – All These Things
  7. Video Sunshine
  8. Rightfully So
  9. Trade My Trips
  10. The Heights
  11. Barely Missed You
  12. Mission Control
  13. How’s Your Mind
  14. Pretty Way To Fight
  15. Washed Up Together (RMX)
  16. Work It Out