Korea Times Music Festival – Hollywood Bowl – 5.7.2016

The 14th annual Korea Times Music Festival occurred on May 7 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California. With such a diverse lineup, all generations and races came together to enjoy a night of Korean music, food, dance and culture.

Before the show, many gathered around booths hoping to gain and win free merch from the several sponsors. Others brought food to snack on during the show and purchased alcohol. Excitement was evident in the air.

After the United States and the Korean national anthems were sung, the night began with a bang as fireworks shot off — causing many in the audience to jump.

The Barberettes kicked off the show with their 60s style vocals and songs. Dressed in a beautiful bright pink flowered hanbok, the traditional women’s dress in Korea, Lee Ae Ran performed next.

The Korea Times Music Festival appeals to all by inviting performers of all ages and status. Six Koreans in their late thirties sat in front of me, fully enjoying the performances from Wax and Han Youngae, while the younger generation cheered for current K-pop artists such as AOA and Ft. Island.

Not all performers were musicians, however. Nanta joined the stage with their fun set filled with kitchen utensils. From banging the pots, creating an entertaining beat, to playing with food, Nanta entertained everyone young and old.

Interestingly enough, not all performers were Korean either. Milijenko Matijevic is a Croatian man part of the band Steel Heart. After many of his songs were featured on soundtracks for K-Dramas, they gained popularity in South Korea. With his rock sound and English lyrics, his stage became an interesting addition to the lineup.

Then, opera singer Shin Youngok took the stage with her beautifully trained voice. The Bowl remained so quiet in order to capture every note she sang.

Red Velvet, MFBTY, and SHINee closed the show. Red Velvet, with their sweet smiles and cute, fun dances performed three of their big hits. MFBTY, the hip-hop group, lit up the stage with fiery raps and fast paced songs causing the crowd to jump up and down. When the host announced SHINee to the stage, screams filled the air. Everyone anticipated the extremely popular boy band. The three final acts stole the show and brought excitement to everyone.
After all the artists once again graced the stage to say goodbye, everyone filed their way out to go to their cars. All in all, the 14th Korea Times Music Festival ended with success and anticipation for next year.

Photo Credit: www.everfest.com