On the Go? Krankz Audio Headphones Are a Must Have for Music Lovers

If you are anything like me, you love listening to music. In fact, you need music to get you through the day. Whether you are at your desk, working out or on the go, you can’t go a minute without jamming along to some of your favorite tunes. And if you’re anything like me, you’re probably also picky about what you use to listen to your music.

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share in testing out different headphones and earphones. After going through a few sets here and there, I’ve figured out what I like and don’t like when it comes to my music needs. I like to think I have a pretty standard criteria for a good pair of listening devices. They have to be portable, deliver great sound and have good battery life. Oh, and they have to work with a wide variety of music.

The folks at Exeo Entertainment were kind enough to send me a pair of their Krankz Audio headphones to test out. After a week of using these headphones for some non-stop music listening, I’m finally sharing how I felt they held up according to my standards.

Krankz Audio headphones are wireless bluetooth headphones that are perfect for the music aficionado on the go. After burning in these headphones for a few hours, I put these headphones up to the test. Whether I was blasting some rock music, dancing along to the latest pop hits, or relaxing with my acoustic vibes, they packed a pretty powerful sound. Similar to Beats headphones, Krankz Audio packs a punch when listening to electronic or bass heavy music. With hip hop, rap or EDM, the headphones delivered a great bass sound and awesome trebles, but with genres like pop punk or indie music, I noticed that the mids got a little muddy at a few points. For the professionals audio engineers, musicians, or anyone musically trained, it may cause a slight annoyance, but for the casual music listener, that won’t be a deal breaker at all as it is hardly noticeable to the average enthusiast. The audio quality is also clear and crisp when taking phone calls with the headset. To my surprise, I found myself having to lower the volume when switching from music to a call because these headphones provide such great call quality – something that tends to require the opposite with other headphone brands.

In addition to the quality of sound these headphones deliver, the Krankz Audio headphones are amazingly comfortable. For someone who absolutely hates on-ear headphones, this pair has made me reconsider. During my week of listening, I was able to keep these headphones on for hours at at time without once complaining about any pressure or discomfort I’ve previously felt with other brands of headphones.

When it comes to ease of use, the Krankz Audio headphones have media controls on the right ear cup that allow you power the device on and off, play or pause, and skip forward or backwards on songs as you use the devices. As far as portability, the headphones are foldable and come with a padded carrying pouch for storage. This comes in handy to ensure they don’t get damaged while you’re on the go. The pouch also includes a pocket for storing the USB charger, should you need to recharge your headphones. I didn’t need that charger often though, because the Krankz Audio headphones delivered over 36 hours of battery life before I found the need to plug them in.

Overall, I found the Krankz Audio headphones to be a surprisingly exceptional device. If you are looking for your next pair of headphones or something to gift a friend, I would highly recommend these. Priced at $99.99, these headphones pack a great punch without leaving a huge dent in your bank account.

Krankz Audio headphones are available in black, red and or white and can be found at the Krankz Audio website. For more information on Krankz Audio, check them out at www.KrankzAudio.com.