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Lewis Del Mar
Thalia Hall — Chicago, IL — 05.06.17
by: Gina Scarpino

On Saturday night, Lewis Del Mar rocked their biggest headlining show to date at Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL. The alternative rock duo delivered a high energy set to a packed room of fans. The band played a great array of songs from their self-titled album that had the crowd going crazy. It was incredible to see how much passion the band had and that their fans delivered the same amount of passion right back at them. Songs like “14 Faces”, “Islands”, “Painting (Masterpiece)”, and “Loud(y)” had fans dancing and losing their voices from screaming so loud. Lewis Del Mar delivered an unforgettable performance that left the audience wanting more.

Lewis Del Mar is currently on a North American tour that runs through the middle of June. If you are interested in checking out one of their shows, head over to their website for more information!

Lewis Del Mar

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