Lovely Little Lonely Tour – The Masquerade – 4.21.2017

The Maine, Beach Weather, The Orphan the Poet
The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA – 4.21.2017
Photos by: Ashton Garner

In celebration of their newly released album, Lovely Little Lonely, The Maine have headed out on a North American tour. On Friday, the tour came to Atlanta. If Friday didn’t already have enough reasons to be celebrated, the arrival of the Lovely Little Lonely Tour was sure to add one more. The short but sweet lineup allowed the opening bands to play more than just a few songs.

The Orphan the Poet kicked off the night in all the right ways. Their alternative style tunes pumped up the crowd and got everyone jumping and dancing. The band played some tunes from their most recent EP, Terrible Things. The most notable was “Bombs Away,” which features an upbeat chorus that got the crowd energized.

Next up was Beach Weather, label mates of The Maine. Frontman Nick Santino sang along to the band’s groovy, surf rock tunes that got the crowd even more pumped. Beach Weather’s sunny, upbeat songs like “Someone’s Disaster” and “Chit Chat” gave the crowd something to dance and sing to. The room swelled with energy as Beach Weather’s set went on and the time until The Maine came on grew shorter. People all around the room danced and danced to every song whether they were familiar with the band’s music or not. It was great seeing everyone enjoying themselves and being carefree.

Last up was the headliner, the top dogs, the head honchos, The Maine. These guys have put on a great show every time I’ve seen them, and Friday night was no different. Their quirky onstage personas just added onto the great setlist, which was a compilation of new and old songs. Aside from their EPs … And a Happy New Year and Stay Up, Get Down, The Maine made sure to include at least one song from every album they’ve released, including their acoustic EP, Imaginary Numbers. Between songs they joked with the crowd and just acted like themselves.

As usual, during “Girls Do What They Want,” John invited a guy from the crowd to come onstage to sing. Bryce, or B-ryce, was the lucky man in Atlanta. Not only did the band and crowd cheer him on, but John supported Bryce by getting on his shoulders and letting Bryce support him. This was one of many onstage antics by the band throughout the night. The band is so upbeat that it makes it very hard to not enjoy them.

Having a mix of both new and old songs made sure there was something from every era of fans. From the ones who like Pioneer or Black & White or maybe who just like everything, The Maine had them covered. They closed out the night with “Another Night on Mars,” which is always a good ending song. It ties everything together and reminds everyone that anywhere is home and we’re all family. Seeing The Maine is truly an experience, so be sure to check out the Lovely Little Lonely Tour if it comes near you!

The Orphan The Poet

Beach Weather

The Maine