Watch the video below to get an inside look of the process of ‘Cleopatra’ coming to life, from the idea that sparked the making of the song to the time spent recording in the studio.

The Lumineers are back with their long-awaited second album Cleopatra – the follow up to their multi-Grammy-nominated, self-titled debut – and a much anticipated headlining tour. The group made their return with the release of ‘Ophelia,’ instantly recognizable as The Lumineers with its syncopated piano rolls and sing-along chorus.

Cleopatra proves members Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites, and Neyla Pekarek, are neither taking their good fortune for granted, nor sitting back on their laurels. With the help of producer Simone Felice, the band set set out to create an album based off of their experiences over the past 3 years. Their skill at setting a visual story to music comes through amidst the delicate, deceptively simple acoustic soundscapes.

“We took the same approach this time as we did with the first album, recording demos in a small house we rented in the original Denver neighbourhood where we first moved,” explains Wesley, contributing the lyrical ideas while collaborating on the music with Jeremiah, who tackled a variety of instruments, including guitar, the very prominent piano and trademark tribal drums.

There is something timeless about this band that links their songs to 18th century pastorals, 19th century work songs, 20th century folk narratives and 21st century post-modern cinematic soundscapes. Success has not spoiled The Lumineers; rather, it’s inspired them to follow their muses even further.

Cleopatra is set to be released on April 8, the album is available for pre-order now.